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Corporación Arte a Tiempo
Está medida ha sido notificada por la sociedad civil.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Describa las principales características de la medida/iniciativa (800 palabras): Arte a Tiempo is a company with regional recognition for the quality and innovation of its productions, and for contributing to the cultural and touristic development of the country and job creation. It has set out to be an event production company that generates high recall among all attendants; for this purpose it makes alliances with companies that complement its experience to create unforgettable sensory experiences, integrating elements of the circus, music, gastronomy and cocktails as part of the show. We have the ability to create events that are tailored to the needs of our clients, temporary alliances or strategic partners in terms of space, time and costs. Arte a Tiempo is an innovative proposal in the cultural market for companies that are beginning to see the benefits of the creative industry to promote their projects. It is one of our main objectives to be able to be self-sustainable and to expand our market in order to participate in events and venues at a larger scale, reaching as many people as possible. Our strategy relies on creating relationships with private companies that allow us, firstly, to generate liquidity, thus greater sustainability, innovation, productivity and a constant flow of work for our artists. In this way we offer decent jobs to our artists, professionalize their trade, help in the growth of the creative industry, and in turn consolidate the company’s social vocation. This allows us to reach more and more people, not only with recreational and artistic activities, but also with social projects aimed at early childhood and vulnerable population. For us, art is a language of social transformation: we have made cultural contributions under the guidance of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), the Casa de la Verdad and the victims' table of the department; we have worked for the Social Development Alliance, the Secretariat of Health and the municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism and independently. But to be able to carry out all these activities, we must first ensure fair living conditions of our artists. This is why working with private companies is not goal in itself, but the way to empower women in social inclusion processes that bring culture and art to children regardless of their socio-economic situation; or give young people at risk the chance to rebuild the peace of their own communities. We also have an arts training scheme through workshops given to children from early childhood, to adolescents and adults; all of them have the opportunity to acquire and develop skills that will help them live their daily lives in a healthy way (mentally and physically). We have a house of culture in the city of Bucaramanga where non-formal classes are held for children, youth and adults, doubling as a creative laboratory where artists from different fields gather to share experiences and knowledge. This is how Arte a Tiempo meets the following needs: At this time the corporation has 32 artists who work on a project per project basis. One of our goals for 2020, before the current health and economic crisis, was to estimate a monthly salary based on the management and production of the same initiatives and events, in order to distribute work loads, increase our output and train and professionalize our collaborators in different areas.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Arte a Tiempo was for some years the personal trademark of who is today its legal representative. It has been based in Bucaramanga for four years as a stable group and two years as a legally constituted entity. We have had great successes and acknowledge many mistakes. This first stage of our work has allowed us to position or name and attain credibility in the city, coming both from agents in the culture sector and from private companies that have no apparent relationship with culture, but may share a line of mutual interest with us that allows us to build social fabric together. Last year we were winners of the creation grant Bucaramanga cree en tu talento, that led to a co-production with the Santander theatre in which 13 artists participated on stage and 20 direct Jobs were created. We participated in different local festivals and were the first performing artists to join the project “Centro con salas abiertas”, a guided tour of museums and cultural spaces opened for performance actions in the city centre. At the entrepreneurial level, we participated in the Mujeres ECCO program of the Chamber of Commerce, a business training scheme for women leaders in business, where we received advice in finance, marketing and digital strategies. We were semi finalists at Apalanca Fest 2019 and selected nationally to participate in the Empodera program of Innpulsa Colombia, that entails an exploratory mission in Silicon Valley. It is our task to learn the language of this new form of cultural entrepreneurship and make it real in our creations and productions, striving to find that point in which art and culture reveal themselves as a necessity for development and human happiness.
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