Creation of the Information System on Cultural Industries and Arts of Peru

Ministry of Culture
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Information System on Cultural Industries and Arts of Peru is an integrated system, national scope, management, production and dissemination of cultural information. Its main objective is to become a useful and effective tool for the cultural sector, providing current and systematized information that allows:
- Highlight dimension and dynamic of culture and its impact on national development.
- Improve the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies.
- Strengthen and promote cultural management.
- Reassess and disseminate the artistic activity and cultural heritage of the country.

This information system is in process of validation and some adjustments are needed before its official release. The website link of the Information System on Cultural Industries and Arts of Peru is:

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Information is being collected from an intercultural vision of diverse cultural expressions developed in the Peruvian territory. It is considering issues such as infrastructure for the development of the expression. For the official launch the Information System on Cultural Industries and Arts of Peru will have the following sections:

  • Artistic Expressions (Panorama, Our People, Training, Announcements, Infrastructure, Statistics, Directory).
  • Cultural Infrastructure
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Stats on cultural industries
  • Legal Framework
  • Training and exchange
  • Opportunities and news.

A process of information collection and systematization of our cultural wealth has initiated in collaboration and coordination with the institutions that manage information about Peruvian cultural sector. It was considered a broad vision to recognize all expressions of cultural diversity of Peru.

Through the Website Information System on Cultural Industries and Arts of Peru will be disseminated all material produced by various organizations in the cultural sector, documents, data, statistics, images, audio of traditional Andean, Amazonian, and Afro-Peruvian music, and various ancient traditions and modern or contemporary. It can also relive rich narrative of our people through hundreds of stories, myths and legends, oral narrations of Peruvian people. It also includes various expressions of visual art, textile art such as Taquile further heritage information such as san marcos drawers, altarpieces, Amazon art and other expressions of our broader diversity.

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure:

Some fields of the national cultural sector have not yet updated and systematized information.
The required budgets are greater than the resources assigned.
Commitment of all cultural sectors in searching for detailed and specific information that allows to visualize development strategies.

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