“Creation of the Chilean Film Academy, a milestone led by professionals from the APCT”.

Association of Film and Television Producers (APCT).
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Film academies are private, non-profit institutions made up of professionals from all film disciplines. These have as main objective the promotion of films and industry professionals, highlighting above all national creation and their talents. In the case of the Chilean Film Academy, the number of members is unlimited and the objectives are similar to those of the rest of the academies in the world, mainly focused on promoting audiovisual work in our country. The “Academia de Cine de Chile”, also known as the Academia de las Artes Cinematográficas de Chile, is a Chilean association whose main objectives are to promote the creation of audiovisual and cinematographic arts, the valuation of cinema as an essential component of Chilean culture, and the stimulation and strengthening of the industry through the exchange of ideas and knowledge of professionals and technicians of the audiovisual arts. In this case, the number of members is unlimited and the objectives are similar to those of the rest of the world's academies, mainly focused on promoting audiovisual work. It was founded on June 15, 2018 in Santiago, Chile. The process of creating the Chilean Film Academy was led by a group of professionals from the Association of Film and Television Producers, APCT, who considered it urgent to promote cinematography within Chile and join international initiatives such as FIACINE (Ibero-American Federation of Film Academies), to which Chile will soon join. This organization will be in charge of determining the films that will represent Chile at the Oscars (USA), Goya Awards (Spain) and Ariel Awards (Mexico); in addition to organizing the awards ceremony for local cinematography, known as the Pedro Sienna Award.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
For the first time in August 2020, the Academy of Cinematographic Arts of Chile, created on 07.15.18, will be the one who will define the Chilean films that will represent Chile at the Oscars, Goya and Ariel awards. From this year, the election of the film will be made by the more than 200 members -which represent the diversity of trades that converge in audiovisual work- of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts of Chile. At the Chilean Film Academy, there are producers, post-producers, make-up artists, costume designers, directors, animators, editors, screenwriters, actors and actresses, art directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, composers, and experts in special effects, among others. In the first stage, the Academy has announced the call to nominate the Goya 2021 in the category of Best Ibero-American Film. Regarding the process, the President of the Academy has stated that “It is essential that we have a participatory process, where we can celebrate the great diversity of our cinema. I think about fiction, but also about documentaries, animation and short films. There are great Chilean films this year that have collected the highest international recognitions and connected with audiences from different parts of the world”. In addition, he emphasized that: "At last Chile reaches international standards, where the Academy and its members, representatives of all film trades, vote sovereignly and independently for the representative of the country in front of the sister Academies." This change occurs in a context where the Oscars and Goya awards relaxed their regulations due to the crisis. “For Chile, it is even more important since the pandemic was preceded by the social outbreak, where many premieres were canceled. We are proud to see successful female directors, high-budget Chilean productions and comedies, animation and series that are growing exponentially. Once again, it is shown that the talent in Chile is there, and political will is required to turn it into an industry”.
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