Creating and Strengthening Film Distribution by partnering with International Media Companies and Online Streaming Platform

Ethiopian Film producers Association,, +251911825743/2511911151615
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Ethiopia is opening the media to international media companies like Canal Plus and several more in the pipeline. The international media companies are now tapping into the vast potential of the film sector to produce local content for audiences throughout Ethiopia. By taking this opportunity, the Film Producers Association has now partnered with Canal Plus to provide films produced by Ethiopian Producers to the TV Channel. The partnership has created new means of distributing Ethiopian Films by streaming the videos on Canal Plus platforms for a limited time agreed upon while the filmmakers maintain the ownership of their films. This has started to generate immense interest from filmmakers and the Film Producers Association while creating diverse content for the media company. This partnership has also started to show good financial flow by increasing the income of engaged filmmakers by up to three times from currently available means of distribution, which are cinemas and local TV stations. The other initiative taken by the Film Producers Association is creating an online streaming channel called Arkwood. This channel will be releasing films for online consumers that targets the Ethiopian Diaspora. This has also created an income mechanism by monetizing creative outputs for the filmmakers, producers, and the film sector in general.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The association has achieved the main articles from the film policy by securing the producer's economic source and set the standard for product quality. In this regard, the Association has made 350 films available for this partnership for streaming purposes. The other major achievement is the trust built by the producers on the Association as it successfully managed to protect the rights and ambitions from the get-go. This has created future collaborations to produce more films and tap into several opportunities.