Council of the Ethno-National Organizations of Ukraine

Ministry of Culture
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine as the main Governmental institution responsible for the national minorities and religious issues is in the constant interaction with the national minorities NGOs and involves them on the regular basis to the policy making process. The minorities’ rights protection and the securing of their cultural and social rights are one of the priority tasks of the Government of Ukraine as well as the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, that is why the Ministry of Culture is focused on the search of the most efficient means of communication, cooperation and policy making process in the sphere of the ethno-national policy. In close interaction with the national minorities’ NGOs it was made a decision to create a consultative body under the Ministry, which unites the efforts of the most authoritative and representative NGOs of the national minorities. The strategic goal is to draft and adopt the policy decisions on the development of the ethnic, cultural, language and religious distinctness of the national minorities and to secure the protection of the cultural diversity, peace and tolerance in the society.

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Creation of the Council of the ethno-national organizations of Ukraine is aimed at elaborating the well-reasoned suggestions on the mechanisms of the implementation of the State ethno-national policy, which should guarantee and secure the ethno-political unity and interethnic peace in the society, protection and promotion of the cultural uniqueness of the Ukrainian people, national minorities on the basis of the human and citizen rights.

The members of the Council are 5 heads of the umbrella national minorities associations , which represent the interests of different national minorities NGOs, and the heads of the special consultative bodies on the national minorities issues under the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Science

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

- sustaining the polyethnicity of the Ukrainian society, cultural, language and religious diversity of the Ukrainian citizens

- harmonious unity of the polyethnic Ukrainian society on the basis of the State interests

- securing the conflict-free ethno-political relations

- meeting the social, political and cultural needs of all the nations in Ukraine

- close cooperation between the Government and the national minorities representatives aimed at creating the atmosphere of tolerance, respect and trust in the society

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