To contribute to the development of artistic and literary creation through a System of Scholarships and Awards.

The Hermanos Saíz Association
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
For more than 20 years, the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) has had a system of scholarships and awards designed to stimulate creation in each of the art manifestations. These are aimed at young Cuban creators up to 35 years of age, the scholarships and awards are the result of the organization's joint work, management, and dialogue with Cuban cultural institutions. Every year, the panel of judges that examines the projects presented is made up of renowned personalities within each manifestation and young people with outstanding results and works. In the performing arts, the "Milanés de Teatro" scholarship is granted, which awards a project for the staging or completion of a play by a young director or playwright. The association financially supports up to five artists during the period of the play's staging. For its part, the National Council for the Performing Arts (CNAE) assumes the costs of the production and staging of the award-winning play. In the field of research, "La selva oscura" scholarship is granted, which awards the best research text on a subject or problem of the performing arts. The AHS awards a cash prize to the young winner. Editorial Tablas Alarcos of CNAE is responsible for publishing the winning work. In literature, the "Fronesis" scholarship awards a prize to a novel project by a young person up to 35 years of age. AHS finances the completion of the winning project for six months. In addition, the "La noche" scholarship awards the best children's book project in narrative or poetry in alternate years. As for criticism and research, the Pensamiento “Che Guevara” scholarship awards the best essay project on a subject of criticism and research on any of art manifestations, literature, and social sciences. The association finances the elaboration process of the project during six months. In the visual arts, the Association awards the "Antonia Eiriz" and "Juan Francisco Elso" creation scholarships. The former awards the best creation project in the most experimental areas of the visual arts (environment, performance, among others); the latter awards the best creation project in the more traditional areas of the visual arts: photography, painting, ceramics, as well as research in this field. In both cases, the AHS, in conjunction with the National Council of Visual Arts, finance the production of the winning works for one semester. Music has a more extensive system of scholarships than other manifestations, among them, the "Ignacio Villa" Creation Scholarship is identified, which awards the best project of a young composer of popular music. The AHS awards a credit to the artist for six months for the completion of the project, while the Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (EGREM) produces a CD with the winning work and, jointly, they co-produce the concert to present the CD once it is finished and promotional audiovisual material for one of the songs on the album. On the other hand, the "Conmutaciones" Creation Scholarship awards the best project of a young composer of concert and experimental music. Like the previous one, the AHS supports the artist and together with the company Colibrí Productions of the Cuban Music Institute, produces a CD with the winning work, a concert presentation and a promotional video clip. The "Elena Burke" Award is given for vocal performance and together with the Bis Music record label of the Empresa de Promociones Artísticas y Literarias S.A. (ARTEX) produce a CD with the winning piece, a presentation concert and a promotional video clip. In the same manner, instrumental performance is promoted through the Pucho López Award. The "Chicuelo" Audiovisual Creation Scholarship recognizes the best fiction and documentary screenplay projects in the audiovisual sector. The Association encourages their development by granting a financial credit for the completion of the winning screenplay projects. In general, the Association grants the "El reino de este mundo" Scholarship, which has an integrating character and from which the production of the projects of its associates in the different manifestations of art is financially supported. In addition to the scholarship system, the Association has a set of awards that recognize the work of young creators who acknowledge their work in different artistic manifestations, such as - the Calendario Award. This is the most important award given in Cuba to young writers up to 35 years of age. It rewards the genres of poetry, narrative, essay, theater, science fiction, and children's literature. It includes a cash prize for the author and the printing of the winning books is done through the Abril Publishing House. The budget is managed through the Ministry of Culture's Education and Culture Development Fund. - the Celestino Short Story Award. It awards the best short story book by a young person up to 35 years of age. Ediciones La Luz of the AHS in Holguín awards a cash prize and includes the winning book in its editorial plan. - the Sed de Belleza Award. It awards the best book of Essay and Journalism; this event is held in alternate years. The "Sed de Belleza" publishing house of the AHS, based in the province of Villa Clara, awards a cash prize and includes the winning book in its editorial plan. - the Reina del Mar Publishers Award. This prize is awarded to the best book of narrative and/or literary research published every other year. The Reina del Mar Publishing House of the AHS in Cienfuegos awards a cash prize and includes the winning book in its editorial plan. - the Mangle Rojo Award. It is aimed at the motivation and development of poetry and/or narrative. It is assumed, in similar conditions by the Áncoras Publishing House of the AHS of the Special Municipality of Isla de la Juventud. - the Memoria Nuez Award. It promotes criticism and research. It is awarded within the framework of the main event of the AHS, the "Romerías de Mayo" Festival, held every year in the city of Holguín. - the Adolfo Llauradó" Performance Award. It awards the best young actors and actresses of the country in different categories and a special prize. - the Aire Frío Award. It recognizes the best staging of the year by a theater collective and a young director. - the Ramiro Guerra Award for Performance in Folkloric and Contemporary Dance. It awards the best performance of young Cuban dancers for their performance in the year in both categories. - the El Almacén de la Imagen Award. It is summoned by the AHS of Camagüey in several categories of audiovisuals. It also awards the Luces de la Ciudad Grand Prize. At the same time, it calls for the pitching of "La imagen del Almacén" for the production of fiction and animation works. The Cuban Institute of Film Arts and Industry (ICAIC) finances the production of the winning projects in each category. - the Antonio Lloga in Memoriam Award. It is announced by the AHS of Santiago de Cuba, in conjunction with the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) in the radio genres. - the Rubén Martínez Villena Cultural Journalism Award calls young people from the media in the categories of written press, radio, television, and hypermedia.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The vital result is endorsed by the possibilities offered by the measure to meet the objectives for which the association was created, an already consolidated experience that makes it possible for young creators to be inserted into the system of cultural institutions, ensures financial assurances to conclude their projects, and promotes the work of young artists and creators. The facilities offered by the system of scholarships and awards allow young creators to promote their artistic and literary works throughout the country in various ways. Between 2016 and 2019, 148 projects in the country received direct funding through the "El reino de este mundo" Scholarship, including 38 in music, 10 in the performing arts, 78 in audiovisuals, 21 in the visual arts, and 1 in literature. In general, between 2016 and 2019, more than 60 young people have been granted scholarships to carry out different projects. Likewise, more than 150 young people have been recognized by the system of awards in the different creation manifestations.
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