Consultation Meeting for UNESCO 2005 Convention and Cultural Industries with the Participation of Private Sector

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Turkish National Commission for UNESCO
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

On October 10, 2019, a consultation meeting was held with the participation of private sector representatives operating in the sectors that make up the cultural industries in İstanbul to raise awareness about the importance of the UNESCO 2005 Convention and share the support, incentives, and sponsorship practices provided in the field of culture and arts in Turkey.

In the second session of the all-day awareness-raising and consultation meeting, the participants were informed about the incentives, support, and sponsorship practices provided by the cultural industries directly related to the cultural industries of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In the third session, Ministry of Treasury and Finance (Tax Exemptions and Discounts), Ministry of Commerce (Supporting Foreign Exchange Earning Service Trade in Film/Series and Information Sector), Ministry of Industry and Technology (Development Agencies Supports), İstanbul Development Agency (Istanbul Development Agency Support Programmes) , Service Exporters' Association (Export Incentives), KOSGEB (Business Development, Growth, and Internationalization Support) TÜBİTAK (Technology and Innovation Support Programmes) representatives made various presentations and provided information on the practices.

In the last session of the meeting, a panel titled “Culture Industries and Digitalization” was organized and the recent developments in the digital field in the music, cinema, radio-TV broadcasting, and computer game sectors, the potential for the formation of new business models, the development of the sectors fed by culture and art and intellectual creativity, and how to use the digital field more effectively in the name of opening to the world market were discussed.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Private Sector representatives have learned about the importance of the UNESCO 2005 Convention and the support, incentives and sponsorship practices provided in the field of culture and arts in Turkey.

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CCI Private Sector
Private Sector
Service Exporters' Association
İstanbul Development Agency
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