Constitution of Georgia

Government of Georgia; Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.
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The Constitution of Georgia is The main legislative act of the country Which defines fundamental human rights and freedoms:
A5; P6 - The State shall take care of the protection of national values, identity and cultural heritage, and of the development of education, science and culture.
A11; P2 - In accordance with the universally recognised principles and norms of international law and the legislation of Georgia, citizens of Georgia, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation or language, shall have the right to maintain and develop their culture, and use their mother tongue in private and in public, without any discrimination.
A20 - Freedom of creativity, cultural heritage
P1. Freedom of creativity shall be guaranteed. The right to intellectual property shall be protected.
P2. Interference in the creative process and censorship in the field of creative activities shall be inadmissible.
P3. The dissemination of a creative work may be prohibited only based on a court decision where such dissemination violates the rights of others.
P4. Everyone has the right to take care of protecting cultural heritage. Cultural heritage shall be protected by law.

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The Constitution of Georgia is the main legislative act of the country which defines fundamental human rights and freedoms:

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The Constitution of Georgia is being implemented

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