Colombian Luthiers– Builders of Music

Fundación Coja Oficio
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Describa las principales características de la medida/iniciativa (800 palabras): The COJA OFICIO FOUNDATION is a National Non-Profit Entity established on May 6, 2013, with the purpose of developing activities concerning the creation, training, production, promotion, dissemination, research, study, promotion, recovery, conservation, innovation, marketing, commercialization, consumption initiatives related directly or indirectly to the field of crafts, with special emphasis on the creative economy, in order to structure, develop and strengthen actions, projects and programs, both nationally and internationally. Our main initiative is called Colombian Luthiers - Music Builders, aimed at revitalizing and strengthening the craft of lutherie (construction of musical instruments), in different regions of Colombia, taking into account criteria such as diversity, heritage and cultural identity, local productive vocation, equal opportunity access and environmental sustainability. Our activities are carried out in the fields of research and training, and organizational, business and commercial support, by the means of incentives and technical assistance in all links of the lutherie value chain, in order to increase the competitiveness and innovation of our products. Intervention strategies: - Encouragement of association initiatives and new products: through the promotion of collective branding and innovation, the aim is to achieve a better positioning of musical instruments in the profesional and commercial context, a fact that will result in a higher volume of sales at better prices and, therefore, in a strengthening of the lutherie sector as a contributing factor to the cultural life of the country, and as a source of economic income for families who practice the craft. Likewise, with the process of formalizing businesses in associations it is expected that these ventures can grow and access new expansion opportunities. - Development of a virtual strategy for the promotion and commercialization of musical instruments, with the aim of establishing a connection between the producers of musical instruments located in the intervention areas and the markets related to the lutherie sector, through access to ICTs, and knowledge and experience exchanges dealing with production, fair trade, respect for the environment, decent work and clean technologies. - Incubation of lutherie ventures: Through technical, legal, financial and economic advice and support, it seeks to preserve the ancestral knowledge of artisan instrument producers, in order to create self-sustaining initiatives that help to reduce poverty, promote family unity and the development of ventures that contribute to the dissemination of the Colombian cultural heritage. This proposal is part of an alternative development model based on the recognition of the potential of MSMEs. - Training in lutherie and cultural entrepreneurship: Its aim is to give knowledge a multiplying effect and create new niches for social innovation through the training of luthiers, where expertise and experiences come together and are exchanged to contribute to the productive improvement of existing ventures. - Production of audiovisual material: To have a registry of accumulated experiences and showcase the work in lutherie as a cultural industry that integrates, energizes and catapults various related sectors, such as the production of wood, manufacture of accessories, musical training, and preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage, among others. - Knowledge generation: Through research on the socio-economic aspects of lutherie and those who practice the craft, on innovation processes and product development.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
1.- Creation of four associative organizations of musical instrument builders in three regions of the country: - Corporación Tambor ri Palenge, in San Basilio de Palenque, Bolívar - Corporación de Artesanos Luthiers de San Jacinto, in San Jacinto, Bolívar - Corporación de Artesanos Luthiers del Meta, in the department of Meta - Corporación Red de Instrumentos Musicales de Santander - Red Faisán, in Santander 2.- Drawing up of technical norms that derived in the issuance of the "Handmade” quality seal, granted by the Colombian Institute of Technical Norms and Certification (ICONTEC), which includes the geographical designation of origin for four groups of traditional Colombian music instruments: - Guitars from the department of Santander - Gaitas and drums of San Jacinto - Marimbas de chonta, bombos and cununos from the Pacific region - Harp, cuatro and bandola from the Meta department. 3.- Study of lutherie's value chain in Colombia and socioeconomic characterization of luthiers from four regions of the country. 4.- Registration of collective trademarks for tha associations Tambó ri Palenge and Red Faisán. 5.- Adoption of a Code of Good Corporate Governance in the Red Faisán, in order to establish the distribution of rights and responsibilities among the different bodies and members and dictate the rules and procedures related to decision-making in matters of the association. 6.- Procurement of two buildings in the municipality of San Jacinto and the corregimiento of San Basilio de Palenque (Bolívar), for the operation of the lutherie associations that operate in those places. 7.- Design of business plans for the four incorporated associations. 8.- Development of a training plan on the following topics: - Introduction to the craft, for new artisans - Production and improvement of products - Packaging - Commercialization - Association mechanisms - Environmental impact - Legal framework for the procurement of raw materials 9.- Seed capital management for the operation of the four incorporated associations. 10.- Innovation and production development of six musical instruments. 11.- Construction of a website ( 11.- Research and proposal to revive ten instruments of traditional music that have fallen into disuse. 12.- Preparation of market studies for the musical instruments produced, in eight countries on four continents. 13.- Participation in national and international fairs and cultural markets. 14.- Production of video content, available on the YouTube channel "Colombian Luthiers": 15.- Preparation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program for the Red Faisán. 16.- Development of awareness-raising activities on gender equality; linking women to production processes. 17. Alongside the Red Faisán, we are currently carrying out the project "Strengthening and promoting the Red Faisán as the leading association in the production of musical instruments of legal origin in Colombia", supported by FAO and the European Union. The project arises from the challenge that illegal wood exploitation poses for the establishment and maintenance of a strong crafts industry, in a world economy that increasingly seeks guarantees related to legal and sustainable production. Illicit behavior in the timber sector causes loss of income for governments, disappearance of opportunities for rural and industrial development, greater damage to the environment and increased social conflict.
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