Co-financing for innovative ventures - Start Up Perú

Ministry of Production
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

It is a co-financing granted to innovative ventures, among which creative industry projects have been financed, under the following modalities:

1. Seed Capital for Innovative Ventures co-finances, with non-reimbursable resources of up to approximately USD 15,105.7, projects of up to 12 months for the co-financing of projects to validate innovative business models or based on innovative product, process, service or marketing style.

2. Seed Capital for Dynamic Ventures co-finances, with non-reimbursable resources of up to approximately USD 45,317.2, projects of up to 18 months for the commercial rise of young companies with high impact potential, for the co-financing of commercial rise projects based on innovative business models, products, processes, services or marketing style.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

A brief review of the results:

Some of the outstanding startups that have been co-financed are Arte Manifiesto, Aire Ayni, Crehana, Insecta, Luckuma, BQUATE, IFurniture, Tulpu. Likewise, Innovate Peru has financed the First Agenda for the Innovation of Stage Dance in Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa. Further information on this agenda can be found on this link:

Also, as part of the project "Design of strategies to improve the self-sustainability of the museums and exhibition centers of Metropolitan Lima", which is co-financed by the Innovate Peru Program, the Lima Art Museum (MALI) presented the book "Hacia un museo sostenible: Oferta y demanda de los museos y centros expositivos de Lima" ["Towards a sustainable museum: Supply and demand of the museums and exhibition centers of Lima"].

In the "1st National Competition of Audiovisual Works for the Dissemination of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Recognizing Innovation", Asociacion Guarango Cine y Video was granted financing for its project "Dream, innovate and grow: 4 stories of success".
Another project co-financed by the Innovate Peru Program was "Giramos", an innovative digital platform that enhances the work of musicians in the country. This project was presented by Cernicalo Producciones.

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