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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Objective Since its origins, ten years ago, Circulart has tried to conduct a necessary reflection on the relationship between public sector and industry that should tend to create policies that: 1. Generate more export income Achieving an international audience for Colombian music necessarily involves increasing the volume of sales abroad. The behavior shown so far by music production leaves a wide margin for improvement, both in traditional business models and in the turnover derived from new formats and ways of reaching markets. At the same time, the penetration that has been achieved in certain territories, although important, has not reached a stage of maturity. On the contrary, there are reasons to believe that the international revenues generated so far are in an embryonic stage and that they have often been the result of specific success stories rather than a stable and determined commitment to exportation. 2. Increase international competitiveness The Colombian music industry will hardly be able to lead this international campaign if it does not reach higher levels of competitiveness throughout its value chain. From creation to distribution, agents must carry out their activity in an environment conducive to the development and incorporation of the resources and capacities necessary to enter and grow in the foreign market. In association with COMFAMA and RUTAN’s project to support the creative and cultural economy, “elpauer”, and the Mayor's Office of Medellín (Secretariat of Culture and Economic Development) we are trying to strengthen, through training with national and international experts, local music production and raising its level of professionalism. 3. Consolidate efficient and sustainable internationalization policies Any strategic action should be framed in a long-term plan that allows to evaluate and progressively improve its effectiveness. Those countries that present the best results in the internationalization of their music industries have a long-standing experience that has allowed them to design a process of constant improvement in their policies. Cooperation between institutions, including regional and local public institutions; between the public and private sectors; monitoring and measuring strategic actions; sector involvement; coordination and efficient management of resources, and conviction and perseverance, are some of the parameters that Colombia must adopt. In our field, we work associatively with the private sector, at the international level, with Womex (Europe), Fimpro (Mexico), Glommnet (Asia), Visa for Music (Africa), Mapas (Spain). In the international public sector we have agreements in force with INAMU (Argentina), the Ministry of Culture of Chile, the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica, Icex (Spain) the Bureau of exports of Brazil, and nationally with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia (Entrepreneurship Area), ProColombia, the Secretariat of Culture of Medellín, Idartes of Bogotá, the Secretariat of Culture of Barranquilla, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and Comfama in Medellín and Antioquia. These articulations allow us to work together on strategic actions for the execution of the policies of that will allow Colombian music to reach international markets. 4. Strengthen Colombia’s position as a music industry centre in Latin America In the same way that Colombia is positioning itself as the main actor in the Latin American audiovisual industry, it has enough musical assets and resources to present itself to the world as a creative and economic centre in the music sector for the entire region. Colombia has assumed a leading role in the consolidation of a regional market that units all those countries that share the idea of competing at the same level with the main world powers of music. This implies consolidating the effectiveness of the work of Circulart, which has gathered an international network of collaborators, knows hot to attract entrepreneurial and creative talent, and has positioned Colombia as a business facilitator for the entire music sector.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Strengths of Circulart today: • Extensive database • International recognition • Networks and contacts • Cured portfolio • Creation and management of a digital platform • Unconventional venues • Constant innovation in the format: - Horizontality - Spaces - Networking • Friendly and warm environment • Medellín as a tourist attraction • Results: According to an evaluation commissioned to Lado B, a company that has made prior company assessments and monitoring, the qualitative and quantitative results of Circulart are very satisfactory, and represent an important contribution in the field of Latin American music in general and Colombian music in particular.
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