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Objetivos clave de la medida:

Collaboration between artists/schools and key cultural institutions in Denmark, St. Petersburg (Russia), Cape Town (South Africa) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on the theme “Re-imagining my hood through arts and creativity”.

Purpose: The specific purpose was to develop and test new methods (1) to advance UNESCO goals "arts education" for 10-12 year ages group, and (2) for through art and culture to promote learning about sustainability and cultural diversity/intercultural dialogue along the goals of the 2005 UNESCO convention.


  • Involved 32 Danish and foreign artists (music, theater, dance, painting / drawing, design and architecture) and over 30 teachers and 38 school classes / groups (4-6 class) and reached an active audience of about 3700.
  • Completed artistic courses in music, drama, dance, visual arts, design and architecture of course up to 2-2½ month in the theme 'Re-imagining My Hood – creative ideas for a sustainable future'.
  • Culminated in local and national performances/ exhibitions for a larger audiences during UNESCO's global "Arts Education" week 19-23.5.2014, in the Danish National Broadcasting (DR) concert hall, at the Palace for Youth Creativity (St. Petersburg), at Cidade das Artes (Rio), the Frank Joubert Art Centre et al. (Cape Town).
  • Furthermore: (a) int’ launch conference in Cph. for 200, a launch conference in Cape Town for professionals, (b) an Internet-based "twinning program" between pupils in the 4 countries, (c) international artist exchange program focused on diversity of cultures and sustainability, (d) web-based multilingual educational materials for teachers and artists in 4 languages, (e) PR and press activities: 16 articles, radio and TV spots.
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Característica principal de la medida:

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Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

Effects: Student competence development, methodological-didactical development for artists, teachers and schools, a model of international and local/national institutional cooperation led by DCI; CICLO, DCI and University of Copenhagen co-founded “European Network of Observatories for Arts and Culture Education linked to UNESCO” (ENO), which globally is closely connected to International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE). More information can be found here:

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