China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo

China Association of Performance Industry (CAPI)
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo is a grand event hosted by CAPI, an important platform for showcasing performing arts achievements, inspiring cultural creativity, expanding market channels and enhancing communications and exchanges. It was founded in 2018 when China International Performance Trade Fair and Performing Arts Beijing, as its two predecessors, were integrated and settled in Beijing permanently afterwards. By 2018, China International Performance Fair had been held in 16 cities across the country and the event of Performing Arts Beijing had been organized four times in Beijing. With the theme of “Art Nourishes a Better Life”, the 2018 China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo included exhibitions, 17 thematic forums, presentations of 15 outstanding works and plays under 6 categories of performing arts from different countries and regions, as well as opening and closing ceremonies, attended by over thousands of performing arts organizations and practitioners. As the core event of the Expo, exhibitions covered an area of nearly 19,000 square meters; it was an important platform for exchanges and dialogue, cooperation and negotiation, and accurate matching of performing arts products. The exhibition area was divided into two sections: professional section and public section. Thousands of performing arts institutions at home and abroad were gathered in the professional section for project display and promotion and brand announcement, while the public section was open for interactive public experience including SHOWCASE stage, demonstration of performing arts technology, animation, children’s drama, local operas, etc. 17 thematic forums were held during the Expo; the leading figures and industry elites in the performing arts at home and abroad were invited to discuss about national cultural development strategy, the frontier dynamics of the international market, key areas, current development and future trend of the performing arts industry. CAPI also co-organized a seminar with Canada, as the guest of honor, where domestic and international performing arts experts shared with the audience about the multinational creation, cooperation among international artists and creation of the commissioned projects by foreign directors or choreographers. Topics of “applying cross-cultural creation to stage arts” and performing arts programs of different styles were also discussed. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo was held in an online-and-offline method. It took advantage of Internet to break boundaries of space, and facilitated communications through exhibitions, forums, negotiations, and performances. The off-line conference was held in Beijing with the themes of “Stage Performing Arts Summit -- Opportunities and Challenges Brought by Immersive New Technologies” and “China and West Asian & North African Countries Performing Arts Forum”. At the Stage Performing Arts Summit, world-renowned immersive performance project creators shared how they combined content creation with advanced technology, and discussed new ideas, models and challenges brought by new technology for stage art creation and performance operation with leading Chinese technology and content creation teams. During the forum, representatives of performance industry organizations, art festivals, cultural foundations and other institutions from China and West Asian & North African countries conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the ways and trends of future cooperation in performing arts through keynote speeches, good practice presentations and high-level dialogue.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo aims to create a world-class performing arts expo and promote the aggregation of innovative achievements in global performing arts, and carry out authoritative, academic, exploratory, extensive and participatory brand activities in performing arts industry.