Ministry for Social Development. National Youth Institute.
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The National Youth Institute of the Ministry for Social Development (MIDES) is in charge of preparing and implementing national policies that encourage the empowerment of young people and their participation in social life. To this end, MIDES and INJU concentrate on promoting education, work, rights, equality and, above all, participation, so young people may take the place they deserve to build the present and future of our country.

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The National Youth Institute´s premises are open to all young people, who wish to rehearse, offer workshops or exhibit their art. It also offers rooms for meetings with fellow students, free access to computers with internet connection, as well as books and other tools they need to work on their education and work history.
The Casa INJU provide various services for young people:
Youth Information Centre: offers advise and orientation regarding information on formal and informal education, work opportunities, grants, recreation and culture. In addition, it provides information about the INJU´s vocational orientation workshops and other programmes.
Accomodation: a room with 30 places for young people aged 14 to 29, who belong to youth groups or institutions.
Tarjeta Joven (Youth Card): a card offering rebates in a number of shops and service points throughout the country.
Workshop for vocational orientation: work of this space is coordinated with the Vocational Orientation Service of the public university´s (UdelaR) Faculty of Psychology. Its offers include individual interviews and participation in workshops providing orientation on secondary or university education.
Workshop on work orientation: a space offering workshops as part of the First-Working-Experience programme. After completing the workshop, participants are registered in a data base, in order to gain access to jobs matching their profiles. The workshops are offered in cooperation with the Faculty of Psychology´s area of Labour Psychology, the República pension funds administrator República AFAP and the trade union head organisation Pit-Cnt.
Young people in the net: This inter-institutional programme is coordinated by the MIDES and aims to encourage young people, who dropped out of the education system and the formal labour market, to exercise their rights. Starting from a comprehensive, territory and community-focused approach, the first development phase of the programme was launched in 2012.
Espacio Net/Ceibal (Net/Ceibal Space): provides free access to computers with internet, spea

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

The Casa INJU (INJU House) hopes to continue implementing policies, which encourage the comprehensive empowerment of young people and their participation in society, while addressing the specific problems of young people by offering opportunities that might be conducive to their solution.

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