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Viet Nam Association of Business Culture Development – VNABC
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Viet Nam Association of Business Culture Development – VNABC is established according to the Decision No. 2179/QĐ-BNV dated December 27, 2013 of Minister of Home Affairs; Regulation of VNABC was approved under Decision No. 596/QĐ-BNV of June 4, 2014 by Ministry of Home Affairs. The Association is a civil society organization including businesses from all economic sectors of Viet Nam. VNABC was established voluntarily in order to organize activities, cooperate, connect and help each other in the process of developing business culture, business ethics, production improvement, enhancing ethics and social responsibility, participating in art and culture movements, enhancing spiritual life in business, protecting legal rights and interest of members. The Association plays a role in connecting its members with concerned state agencies. Main missions of the association are: developing business culture; creating business and businessmen images as main characters of the new era; promoting Viet Nam’s brands; developing and enhancing spiritual life of businesses and employees. The objectives of the Association are: (1) mobilizing to create and develop business culture by communication and promotion activities in order to enhance awareness of business culture, especially the law-abiding awareness, business ethics, social responsibilities of business and businessmen and fair competition; (2) doing research and recommending policies for Viet Nam’s government in creating and developing business and businessmen culture as well as being the link between business community and relevant agencies of the government; (3) conducting training and counseling on business and businessmen culture for enterprises and entrepreneurs, especially for small and medium enterprises and startup businesses; (4) organizing art and cultural activities and programs in order to promote business culture and enhance spiritual and cultural life of employees in business community.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
From establishment to 2019, VNABC organized many activities such as: suggesting, debating a number of policies for relevant ministries and agencies; gathering successful businessmen, top scientists, famous artists and social activists to discuss, identify some theoretical and practical issues related to business culture; implementing communication activities, raising awareness, creating social effects on business culture; conducting surveys on the actual situation of business culture, expanding successful models, etc. A number of specific results as follows: - According to the recommendation of VNABC, after having agreements from relevant ministries and agencies, on September 26th, 2016, Prime Minister signed Decision No. 1846/QĐ-TTg to choose November 10th annually as the Day of Viet Nam Business Culture. The foundation of Viet Nam Business Culture Day which is on November 10 annually is a vital event contributing to identify the role, the position and the importance of business culture; disseminating and raising awareness of business culture; promoting the creation and development of business culture; honoring entrepreneurs and enterprises having outstanding achievements in creating and developing business culture; contributing to create the business environment with the spirit of respecting the law; prioritizing business ethics, social responsibilities and fair competition. - On November 7th, 2016, at the announcement ceremony of Viet Nam Business Culture Day, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc officially launched the campaign “Developing Viet Nam Business Culture” at the national level and assigned VNABC to implement this campaign with 5 detailed contents as follow: + Increasing public awareness on the role of business culture in business community and in each Viet Nam enterprise from its establishment and throughout the process of production and doing business. + Creating and developing the foundation of Vietnamese business culture which comes along with the good traditional values of the country; considering the development of business culture imperative demands. + Maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative in production and business basically and urgently in order to develop sustainably and enhance the competition capacity of enterprises. Every entrepreneur and enterprise determine to say no to actions violating laws and business ethics, causing harm to the society. + Creating good business environment which respects laws and orders; ensuring publicity and transparency, fair competition and incorruptibility in business; following international business standards; encouraging startup spirit and creativity. + Improving spiritual culture and physical strength for employees by developing culture institutions and working environment. - On February 28th, 2018, Prime Minister signed Decision No. 248/QĐ-TTg to establish the Organization Committee to implement the campaign “Developing Viet Nam Business Culture” (Organization Committee 248), including representatives from Ministry of Industry and Trade; Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Viet Nam News Agency; Voice of Viet Nam; Viet Nam Television; Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and associations and federations representing various industries. Under the assignment of the Prime Minister, the Chairman of VNABC is the Head of the Organization Committee of the campaign “Developing Viet Nam Business Culture” and VNABC is the standing agency of the Organization Committee. - Viet Nam Business Culture Magazine is the monthly publication of the Association contributing to publicly providing information on political, economic and social context of the country, guidelines and policies of the Party and state, activities of VNABC and its members. - A specialized book “Business culture” is tailored for training, coaching and counseling programs about business culture in order to develop a team of entrepreneurs who are fully aware of business culture and effectively manage their businesses. The book provides theory and practical situation about building and developing business culture as well as equipping necessary skills to identify effective business culture, analyzing and solving logically and positively situations that hinder business culture in order to adjust attitude and behavior to successfully build and develop business culture. - Developing and publishing the Regulations to honor “Outstanding cultural enterprise”. This regulation stipulates the selection and award the title “Outstanding cultural enterprise” on Viet Nam Business Culture Day on November 11th for enterprises having achievements in creating and practicing business culture effectively and actively participating in the campaign “Developing Viet Nam Business Culture” launched by the Prime Minister. - Developing and publishing the Viet Nam Business Culture Standard. On the basis of the Decision No.1846/QĐ-TTg and the guidance of the Prime Minister at the Launching Ceremony of Creating Viet Nam Business Culture campaign, legal documents of the Government such as Law on Enterprise, Competition Law and Viet Nam Business Culture Standard were built in order to create the criteria for Vietnamese enterprises to self-evaluate their business culture; it is also the basis to evaluate and give award “Outstanding Cultural Enterprise”; giving direction for Vietnamese enterprise community to create and develop business culture in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the Party and State. - Collaborating with People’s Committees of all 63 provinces and cities in Viet Nam to implement the Developing Viet Nam Business Culture Campaign launched by the Prime Minister. - Implementing the Developing Viet Nam Business Culture Campaign in the Vietnamese enterprise community in Europe. - Signing the cooperation agreement to implement the Developing Viet Nam Business Culture Campaign with the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs. - Co-organizing the workshop “Building business and businessmen culture for sustainable development” in October 2016 in Ha Noi. - Organizing the international forum with the topic “Business culture – the basis for sustainable development” in October 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City. - Organizing business culture festival “Identity and Integration” in January 2018 in Ha Noi.
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