Burkina Faso- development cooperation 2013-2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Burkina Faso is one of the historical partners of Italian Cooperation: more than 25 years of operations. Ouagadougou has received EUR 107 million in grants. The Italian Cooperation has intervened traditionally in health and rural development sectors, as well as for emergency initiatives.

In this context, the Italian program, in line with what was produced in the past, aims to favor a systemic approach aimed at achieving specific objectives to support the diversification of rural incomes, the intensification of agricultural production by identifying alternative crops or exploring the existing potential resources as tourism in rural areas.

It  will be improved, where possible, the multifunctionality, promoting capitalization of farms by providing also financial services, the strengthening of administrative units’ capacities and, finally, improvement of sanitary conditions of local populations.

This strategy responds to the outcome of dialogue and to the determinations already launched with key-players in the Italian civil society present in Burkina Faso, as well as to the political guidelines.

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financial, institutional
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The Italian Cooperation has traditionally intervened in the health and rural development sectors, without never forget the emergency initiatives. In this regard, we highlight the
WFP's contribution to the value of € 500,000 granted in March 2010, aimed at countering the acute malnutrition recorded among Burkinabe children; and the supply of humanitarian goods, in the amount total of 124,500 Euros, to cope with the floods in Burkina Faso in the month of September 2009.

The Italian Cooperation has played, in the past, the role of leader in the field of combating desertification, financing interventions with UNOPS. Noteworthy in this context, is the Program for Local Development in Ader Doutchi Maggia (PDL / ADM), known as "Project Keita". About 50 million euro for about 25 years, with which Italy has successfully helped to raise agriculture in one of the driest areas of the Sahel, focusing the intervention strategy on  one hand on sustainable development including climate change and human pressure, and the other on the water as a factor essential development.

Health and rural development are priority areas of intervention. The Italian Cooperation aims to support administrative decentralization, microfinance, and the micro-enterprise by youth and women.

More resources will be allocated to implement measures in the fields of technologies against desertification, recovery and protection of the lands, harvesting and surface water management for pastoral, agricultural and domestic use, to support the development of civil society and the creation of employment.  The efforts of Italian cooperation is also focused to the increasing of supply chain systems aimed  and the ability to respond to external shocks, both climatic and economic and to ownership by the strengthening of governance at local and regional level.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

The overall objective of the Italian three-year program is to contribute to the Stratégie de croissance accélérée et de développement durable (SCADD) 2011-2015, presented by the Burkinabe government in March 2010 and based on four pillars: accelerated growth of the rural sector (and food security), development of human capital (including the promotion of social protection), strengthening governance, transversal themes (youth, disability).


Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

For the realization of the interventions will be used the channels covered by law  49/1987. In particular, in 2013 the allocation of one or more multilateral contributions was for 2 million euros; Government contributions on bilateral channels, including those in agreement with Regions, Local Authorities and Universities, for a value of 3.4 million Euro.

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