Belt and Road Cultural Development Action Plan by Ministry of Culture (2016-2020)

Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MOCT)
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
To improve the mechanism for Belt and Road cultural exchanges and cooperation. The plan will facilitate signing of intergovernmental documents with countries and regions along the Belt and Road, deepen the cooperation mechanisms such as the Committee of People-to-People and Cultural Cooperation and the Joint Committee on Culture, and provide effective guarantee for Belt and Road cultural development. It will encourage all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to conduct regional cooperation on cultural exchanges, heritage protection, literary and artistic creation and cultural tourism, and guide and support social forces to participate in Belt and Road cultural exchanges and cooperation. To improve the platforms for Belt and Road cultural exchanges and cooperation. Efforts will be made to set up platforms such as international art festivals, expositions and art parks with Belt and Road as their themes or special sections for Belt and Road cultural exchanges at international forums and trade fairs. To build brands for Belt and Road cultural exchanges. Brand building activities such as cultural festivals (or cultural year, cultural season, cultural week or cultural day) will be held in countries and regions alongside the Belt and Road to scale up cultural exchanges. Joint creation, promotion and exhibitions will be advocated among artists, cultural professionals and institutions from these countries and regions. To promote prosperity and development of Belt and Road cultural industry. The plan will support the implementation of distinctive cultural projects in the key areas of cultural tourism, performing arts and entertainment, arts and crafts, creative design, and digital culture, strengthen cooperation in digital protection and development of cultural resources, promote the development of animation and game industries, and boost the integration of Internet industry with cultural industry. To promote Belt and Road cooperation on cultural trade. The plan is intended to explore and improve channels for international cooperation on performing arts, films, television, radio, music, animation, games, entertainment, digital culture, creative design, cultural science and technology equipment, works of art and authorized products.
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competent cultural authorities of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
Public Sector
relevant parties involved in Belt and Road cultural development
Private Sector
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