Australia Council for the Arts 2020-2024 Corporate Plan, Creativity Connects Us: National Digital Culture Strategy

Australia Council for the Arts
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The 2020-2024 Corporate Plan, Creativity Connects Us, sets out strategies that the Australia Council will undertake to support the digital mobility of Australian arts and creativity in order to meet its broader strategic priority that Australians are transformed by arts and creativity. This includes: building the knowledge and evidence base of new developments in creating, distributing and experiencing art; enabling and supporting work that is accessible through digital formats; explore opportunities for collaboration and co-development of art forms that employ new technologies including virtual, augmented and mixed realities; and facilitate stronger relationships between film, radio and broadcast, and organisations and the cultural sector.

In 2020, the Australia Council developed a National Digital Culture Strategy that sets out a vision for a digital enabled and thriving arts and cultural industry in Australia. It provides an overarching framework to guide the approach and priorities for digital development.

Over the next four years, the Australia Council will develop partnerships with key stakeholders to implement the National Digital Culture Strategy, including a range of programs and initiatives to realise the priority areas, transform the sector and build a digital-enabled future for the arts and creative industries. The strategy will harness Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse assets in the creative sector, encouraging diasporic connection and lifting these voices.

There are strong links between the UNESCO Open Roadmap for the implementation of the 2005 Convention in the digital environment (digital roadmap) and the Australia Council National Digital Culture Strategy, including, but not limited to:

1.1 Conduct overall mapping of the digital cultural and creative sectors – Australia Council plans to develop a national digital scorecard to understand the digital capacity, literacy and needs of the arts and creative industries.

2.3 Provide financial or other forms of support to small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs working in the digital cultural and creative sectors – Australia Council will invest directly in innovation and entrepreneurship for the artists and organisations working in the digital space.

4. Digital literacy, skills and competences are reinforced – Australia Council will develop and implement a range of capacity building programs to build the digital literacy of the arts and creative industries, including short courses, resources, support networks and fellowship programs.

The National Digital Culture Strategy has a sovereign First Nations strategy to develop Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP) protocols for arts and creative industries in the digital space.

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In line with the Australia Council Corporate Plan: Creativity Connects Us and the UNESCO digital roadmap, the National Digital Culture Strategy outlines four key priorities and expected results of this measure: • Foster mobility and audience development to increase discoverability and access to Australian digital work. • Enable risk taking and experimentation with digital and emerging technologies. • Support sustainable careers and dynamic business models and practice enabled by digital opportunities and platforms. • Increase literacy to embed digital within the arts and culture sector.
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