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The Dubai Press Club is a civil society organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and developing regional media and is among the most active press clubs in the region. It organizes activities for various segments of the media community and hosts workshops on strategic communication, business, economy, education and technology, as well as seminars on national, regional and global issues.

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The major initiatives of the Dubai Press Club include:
* Arab Media Forum, the largest media forum in the Arab region, aims to foster dialogue among Arab media professionals on issues of relevance to the region. It was launched in 2001 and is the flagship project of Dubai Press Club. Since its launch, the Forum has steadily evolved in scope and reach. Through keeping pace with rapid developments in the media, the event has consistently progressed from its local and regional focus to encompass a broader international outlook inviting the interest and participation of Arab professionals abroad as well as foreign journalists, decision makers and intellectuals. The platform of the Arab Media Forum has also opened the way for academics and researchers to engage in an annual conversation with experts from leading media organizations and has played a vital role in opening channels of communication between Arab media professionals and their global peers. Over the years, the Forum has had 1,088 speakers and over 20,000 participants from 36 countries.
* Arab Media Outlook Report a comprehensive study of the media sector in the region based on extensive research. The last published report covers the period 2016-18.
* Arab Journalism Award (AJA) rewards talent under 13 categories including investigative reporting; young talent in journalism; photojournalism; economic journalism; outstanding cartoon artwork; sports journalism; best press interview; best columnist; media personality of the year; political journalism; cultural journalism; smart journalism and humanitarian journalism. The award's main goal is to reward talent, inspire, and stimulate creativity in journalism. The award has had 19 editions, has received 68,300 submissions from 43 countries and has been awarded 275 journalists
* Emirates Media Forum (EMF) was launched in 2013 to create a platform for dialogue among the UAE's media community and to discuss the opportunities that will contribute to developing the UAE's media community. The forum provides an opportunity for young Emirati talents to meet established media professionals and participate in the discussion. The Forum has had 100+ speakers for each cycle.
* Arab Social Media Influencers Summit (ASMIS) is the world's largest platform for social media influencers, experts, and specialists to share best practices, highlight projects and discuss the state of social media in the Arab region. The Summit also aims to encourage Arab youth and content developers to produce content and futuristic ideas and share best social media practices with people of interest, and to highlight initiatives and positive projects, that effectively serve members of Arab community and help them solve their problems and spread positivity. During the summit, individuals and organizations that have used social media make a positive impact are awarded the Social Media Influencers Award. Over the three cycles since it was launched in 2015, the summit has had 420 speakers among them influencers, and the award has been granted to 108 social media influencers and organizations.
* The Media National Youth Program (MNYP) is an annual training program that aims to develop a new generation of Emirati journalists that are equipped with the tools and skills needed to excel in the media industry. The program has been running for three consecutive years and is held in partnership with Watani and leading media and academic institutions and includes specialized workshops designed to improve the analytical and professional skills of participants. The program trained 188 media students and media professionals over three years.
* Workshops and Seminars. Throughout the year, the Dubai Press Club organizes series of workshops and seminars targeting media professionals and media students and covering various sectors including culture, among others. The workshops and seminars are designed to support media professionals in developing the knowledge and skills that allow them to positively contribute to promoting media in the Arab region.

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These programs are regularly evaluated to ensure they meet their aims and are in line with the developments in the region and the world.

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