ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC)

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Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community is one of the three pillars of the ASEAN Community, with the goal to build an ASEAN Community that is "committed to lift the quality of life of its peoples through cooperative activities that are people-oriented, people-centered socially responsible with a view to achieving enduring solidarity and unity among the nations and peoples of ASEAN by forging a common identity and building a caring and sharing society which is inclusive and harmonious where the well-being, livelihood, and welfare of the peoples are enhanced". ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community focuses greatly on the human aspect and practical content with the lives of all the people in the region. Pushing the establishment of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community will promote people's connection among nations, encourage people to engage in the process of community building while actively supporting the establishment of the two other pillars.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

- On the basis of ASCC Blueprint, ASEAN approved Strategic Plan for Culture and Art with some crucial strategies including: promoting the cultural diversity of ASEAN; advance the cultural rights of all the peoples of ASEAN; harness the contribution of the creative industries towards innovations, generating livelihoods and supporting economic development in ASEAN Member States; promote the role of culture for ASEAN to become a proactive member of the global community.
- Annually, ASEAN Member States including Viet Nam benefit from projects funded by ASEAN Cultural Fund under the management of ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (COCI). Some of the projects during 2016-2019 are: annual performing arts program on introducing culture of member states; The Voice of ASEAN, "Residency" for ASEAN Contemporary Writers; The Modern in Art of Southeast Asia, Creative Works Exchange among ASEAN Young Artists, ASEAN City of Creativity for Sustainable Development; ASEAN Contemporary Dance Festival; ASEAN Sculpture Camp for Fine arts Students; ASEAN Woman Entrepreneurs; annual ASEAN TV and radio awards; ASEAN Media professionals Exchange; workshop on strengthening information access for ASEAN rural communities; TV News Exchange between information and communications channels of ASEAN member states.
- As a proactive Member State of ASEAN, Viet Nam actively proposed and implemented the initiative on "ASEAN Film Awards" at the 20th Viet Nam Film Festival (2017) to honor excellent films in the region, encourage creativity and strengthen exchange among ASEAN filmmakers.

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Has the implementation of the policy/measure been evaluated?: 
If yes, what are the main conclusions/recommendations?: 

The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community has so far affirmed its important role in contributing to building a shared community that is people-centered and people-oriented. With the efforts from the member states, the Community has achieved important results, contributing to creating a strong and closely connected regional community.