Arts for Health, Well-Being, Social Unity, and Sense of Belonging

Emiratos Arabes Unidos
Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) has integrated equal access to cultural and creative expressions as a key component of its strategy to fulfil sustainable development goals. ADMAF’s programs and initiatives are therefore founded on the values and principles of tolerance, openness and humans’ right to access cultural and creative education and to enjoy a rich cultural life. The majority of its programming revolves around community-based initiatives that engage and address the needs of Emirati youth but also those of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. ADMAF’s initiatives are devised in a way to raise awareness of the environment, social issues, heritage and history. To realize this goal, ADMAF supports and builds bridges between social groups and cultural foundations across the seven Emirates. • Festival in the Park: Festival in the park is Abu Dhabi’s premier outdoor cultural celebration, taking place every year in the city’s Umm Al Emarat Park. Programming includes diverse activities in visual, cinematographic, community and performance arts. Diverse communities from across the Emirates enjoy live stand-up comedy, film screenings and more. The event also revives people’s interest in literature and local arts and crafts through book readings with ADMAF-supported Emirati authors and presentations of the region’s unique cultural handicrafts by local artisans to encourage the use and preservation of hand-made traditional Emirati goods. Festival in the Park is a representation and reinforcement of UAE’s values of openness, tolerance and inclusion. People from all walks of life, abilities, regions and ethnicities come together to share memorable experiences. People of determination (persons with disabilities) also have the opportunity to become artists and performers in a friendly and compassionate environment. • Riwaq al Adab wal Kitab: This annual program is presented in association with ADMAF’s strategic partner Emirates Writers’ Union and in collaboration with local publishing houses Nabati Publishing and Hamleel Media Foundation. Celebrating Arabic literature, Riwaq Al Adab wal Kitab culminates every year in the launch of several new works by Emirati authors, including material for children and fiction for adults. During the signing event, fans meet the authors, discuss their works and receive signed copies of books. • Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts: This initiative is in association with Al Ghadeer, a UAE Red Crescent micro-financing initiative that seeks to empower underprivileged women through the use of indigenous arts and crafts. By giving these women the skills and resources to create unique handcrafted gifts, Al Ghadeer helps create a much-needed additional source of income. Al Ghadeer products are inspired by the rich heritage, culture and traditions of the UAE. • People of determination (persons with disabilities): One of ADMAF’s key objectives is to develop the skills of people of determination (persons with disabilities) and provide local opportunities for them to actively participate in society. The Foundation does so with a wide array of carefully tailored mentorship programs that inspire them and encourage compassion and understanding through creative engagements. For more than two decades, ADMAF has included programming aimed at people of determination (persons with disabilities) through Abu Dhabi Festival headline performers and education and community programs such as Festival in the Park, UAE Theatre Circle, partnerships with the Special Olympics and international orchestras for people with special needs. • Music in Hospitals: Abu Dhabi Festival has been a pioneer in raising awareness of the use of art in healthcare institutions for the benefit of patients as part of the healing process. Its annual Music in Hospitals program is held in partnership with Abu Dhabi’s Cleveland Clinic, where live performances for patients include a variety of beautiful live music selections. • UNESCO International Days and World Days: The United Nations General Assembly designates several International days to mark important aspects of human life and history. Many countries around the world make these days a springboard for awareness-raising actions. ADMAF is proud to take part in this raising of awareness, particularly in relation to environmental issues, and does so by harnessing the power of its social media platforms, which have tens of thousands of followers.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
• Initiatives under Arts for Health, Well-Being, Social Unity, and Sense of Belonging engaged more than 15,000 citizens over the past four years. People from different socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and geographical areas came together and shared memorable experiences. • Throughout the past four years and as part of Festival in the Park, more than 7,000 national residents were exposed to and enjoyed the creations of Emiratis talents across various artistic disciplines. • Riwaq al Adab initiative ensures that every year new Arabic books are published and made available to the public. It is also an opportunity to champion and celebrate Emirati authors and poets. More than 1,000 visitors attended the signature event. • Underprivileged women who are safeguarding the UAE’s indigenous arts and crafts have been empowered and equipped with the necessary skills and financial resources to continue their work through the Al Ghadeer program. • People of determination (persons with disabilities) have been mentored and empowered and have benefited from being a part of a wider and compassionate social and creative environment. • 939 hospital patients who were part of ADMAF’s programs reported benefitting from the music and arts experiences they had while recovering.
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