Arts and Disability

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The Arts Council has been active in addressing Arts and Disability over a period of at least 25 years. It has conducted research2, produced resources3 and developed a number of discussion documents and initiatives designed to improve access and participation both internally and among the wider arts sector. In 2012, it intends to update its policy and strategy in the area of Arts and Disability to reflect developments in provision and practice as a result of Arts Council actions in recent years (some unilateral and some in partnership), and to take account of the requirements of disability and equality legislation. The development of such a policy would provide clarity and continuity for the Arts Council and the sector over the next five years.

The Arts Council uses the term ‘Arts and Disability’ to encompass a range of arts practices and activities involving people with disabilities both as practitioners and as audience members. It embraces inclusive and collaborative practices, disability arts, Deaf arts and advocacy. The Arts Council works to the social model of disability and across art-forms. It envisages the involvement and engagement of people with disabilities in the arts at all levels as practitioners, participants, employees, audiences, advisors, and board members, following principles of access and equality.

The Arts Council is in a final stage of consultation and a new policy is likely to be in place by the end of 2012. In addition to a commitment to support for the sector through a suite of grants and awards, the Arts Council will outline a number of developmental initiatives related to:

  • The provision of advice and expertise at national level
  • The roll out of a capacity building model at local/ regional level
  • Mainstreaming access as part of Arts Council provision
  • International collaboration

In parallel, the Arts Council will update its policy in relation to internal access, with regard to buildings, systems and services.

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