Arts Council Korea, International Exchange Program

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Arts Council Korea
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
The Arts Council Korea supports various international exchange activities to strengthen the creative capabilities of domestic artists through the Culture & Arts Promotion Fund. Representative projects include support for artists' participation in overseas residency programs, support for international exchange of Korean art, support for global expansion of young artists, cooperation with overseas cultural institutions, and the International Arts Joint Fund. After examination, the selected artists (or group) are subsidized a part of the expenses necessary for international exchange activities. In addition to various fees such as participation fee, visa issuance fee, and travel insurance premium, travel and project proceeding expenses such as airfare and accommodation are provided. Depending on the project, expenses occurred during working overseas may also be covered. ‘International Artist-in-Residence’ is a project that supports artists to participate in overseas residency programs. It supports seven fields of literature, visual art, theater, dance, music, and performing arts in general. There are 'non-designated (autonomous) type program' that artists contact and participate in overseas residency programs, and ‘designated(planned) type program’ where artists are dispatched to overseas arts institutions founded by Arts Council Korea. With the purpose of enhancing the international competitiveness of Korean art through international exchanges in non-governmental level, the ‘ARKO International Exchange Program’ supports international exchange projects such as joint cooperation of overseas artists, domestic and foreign invitation projects, and networking between artists. In addition to supporting artists’ independent projects, the council has signed an agreement with the ‘Maison des Cultures du Monde’ and the ‘European Broadcasting Union’, platforms that are not easily accessible to individual artists, to provide various international exchange opportunities. In 2019, the ‘International Networking for the Emerging Artists’ was launched as a project to support young artists aged 39 or younger to strengthen their artistic capabilities and to build a foundation for cooperation networks through exchanges with overseas artists and institutions.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
The ‘International Artist-in-Residence’ program provided 472 Million Won for 102 projects in 2018, and 660 Million Won for 116 projects in 2019. After the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, major overseas platforms closed or reduced significantly in size due to national movement restrictions, providing 380 Million Won for 55 projects. In case timely assistance was difficult due to COVID-19, artists were to offered alternative methods such as adjusting project period and postponing project to the following year. In addition, if the cancellation of the project was unavoidable, various fees related to the cancellation could also be enforced within the project cost to minimize damage to the artist. In 2019, the 'ARKO International Exchange Program' provided 2,083 Million Won to 121 projects announced domestically and abroad, including invitations of international artists to Korea, global expansion of domestic artists, joint collaborations with international artists, art groups, and institutions. In 2020, it provided 1,837 Million Won to 95 projects. The ‘International Networking for the Emerging Artists’ provided 698 Million Won for a total of 44 projects in 2019, and 518 Million Won for 27 projects in 2020. The 'International Arts Joint Fund Program' is a cooperative project that matches budgets based on MOUs with major international arts institutions. Through the creation of a joint fund, art exchanges and creative activities between the two countries are securely supported. Various exchange projects are prompted by establishing strategic networks with 2016~2018 UK (British Arts Council), 2017~2018 Germany (German Cultural Center in Korea), 2018~2019 Denmark (Denmark Palace), 2019~2021 Singapore (National Singapore Arts Council), and 2020~2022 Netherlands (Dutch Culture International Cultural Cooperation Center). Over the past three years, there was an expansion of international activities in domestic and abroad invitations, sales of copyrights, and awards after getting selected by ARKO international exchange programs, with a total number of 116 cases. In addition, Arts Council Korea, as a board member of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), has established a network among culture and arts institutions in each country to share knowledge and information on culture and arts policies such as art support systems, creative promotions, audience developments, and cultural enjoyments.
Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 
6,230 Million Won, 4.74 Million Dollars /As of 2021
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