Argentine Cultural Industries Market: MICA

Secretariat of Culture of Argentina
National Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cult
National Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
National Ministry of Tourism
National Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services
Exportar ProArgentina Foundation
National Theater Institute
National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts
Public TV
National Institute of Industrial Technology
Radio Nacional
Telam Agency
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Argentine Cultural Industries Market was developed in 2011, with the purpose of positioning the Argentine cultural industries sector in the domestic and the international market, considering its quality and competitive prices. This programme works with Design, Music, Performing Arts, Audiovisual Art, Publishing and Video Games.  The relevance of this event lies in the fact that it is a common forum that gathers the main cultural industries in a single space and it is a point of articulation with all state agencies engaged in promoting Cultural Industries. 
In Argentina, the Cultural Industries sector accounts for more than 300,000 jobs and 3.5% of the National GDP. This sector's development is strategic. This is so due to an intrinsic feature of cultural industries and assets: despite their potential tangible nature, they posses a symbolic and intangible value that is not easily measurable. If adequately executed,  a policy for the promotion of cultural industries always has  positive side effects. These are industries that generate high  value-added jobs and promote the export of goods and services related to a highly qualified labor structure.

Alcance de la medida:
Característica principal de la medida:

For the MICA, agreements were developed in cooperation with different agencies to conduct the event with the main business chambers and institutions of cultural industries (Argentine Book Chamber, Argentine Publications Chamber, Association of Argentine Videogame Developers, SADAIC, CAPIF, National Theatre Institute, INCAA, Book Foundation, TDA, etc.) Cooperation agreements were also signed with national public agencies (National Secretariat of Culture, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cult, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services, Fundación Exportar, ProArgentina, INTI, Telam, Public TV, Radio Nacional, etc.) The event was also supported by several Embassies in Argentina (France, Brazil, etc) and international organizations (SEGIB, etc.) 
The event was hosted in a single space with exhibition stands for each sector (Music, Audiovisual Media, Publishing, Performing Arts, Video Games and Design.) There were also stands of all national public agencies and a special federal sector with exhibition stands where each province of Argentina has the chance to show its Cultural Industries. Spaces were also available for conferences, workshops and debates; business rounds, recording studios, theatres, music stages, etc. 
Presentations were also developed in several related international events where Argentina has its own stands (Guadalajara Book Fair, Womex, Medellin Music Market, etc,) and agreements were also executed for the conduction of seminars and workshops at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Unconvention. 
As regards results, more than 34,000 people attended the different activities organized by MICA; approximately 148 lecturers gave 131 conferences to discuss the new issues facing the sector in connection with new technologies, property rights of creators and dissemination of local and regional culture. Around 246 reporters from all over the country were registered, 640 people worked at the event and 4,500 business rounds took place.

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure : The main challenge identified for the incoming editions of the MICA is federal development of the cultural industries sector, by boosting projects and companies in the interior of the country, and promoting the creation of new distribution circuits for cultural goods and services. As an acknowledgment of this, a Letter of Intention was signed in 2011 for the conduction of the Second Edition of the Argentine Cultural Industries Market (MICA) in Buenos Aires in 2013, and within this framework, during 2012 we expect to work jointly in the organization of six (6) pre-MICAs in each of Argentina's cultural regions (NOA, NEA, Center, Cuyo, Patagonia and Metropolitan) to deepen the foreign trade federalization process and ensure a richer, more diverse and more federal MICA 2013.   

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

US  $900,000.00 

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