"Analysis of Creative Industries Nuts 2 (Nomenclature d'Unités Territoriales Statistiques) Level in Turkey" Report

Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

“Creative Industries in Turkey - Regional Analysis at Level 2: A Look at Izmir” Report has been prepared in order to compare the situation of exploratory industries in Turkey with OECD countries both at the national and regional scale. Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are of strategic importance for all regions to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth and development.

In this report, which was prepared to reveal the potential in İzmir and Turkey, first, creative industry definitions and classifications are set out; then, the relationship of these industries with digital technologies and their role in regional policies are explained. Then, by examining the structural analysis of creative industries at regional, national, and international levels, the foreign trade of creative goods, the ecosystem approach for creative industries is explained, and a survey has been conducted to determine the creative industries ecosystem of İzmir. In addition, the report aims to create a knowledge base for policy studies to be done for the development of creative industries in the İzmir Region.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

With the said Report, the situation regarding the creative culture industries of İzmir was determined, and what kind of policies should be supported in the sectors with the potential to increase the contribution of creative industries to sustainable development is emphasized.

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İzmir Development Agency / Culture and Arts CSO’s and NGO’ s / Universities /Research Centers / Development Agencies
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