Access strategies to all society levels

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The Ministry of Culture pursues the support of the important projects which were launched with the creation of the Ministry itself in 1958 to facilitate the access of Culture allover the Egyptian territory. Inspired from the brilliant idea of of André Malraux of “Les Maisons de la Jeunesse et de la Culture” (MJC) a wide panel of palaces spread over the governorates of Egypt under the name of Qossour el Saqaffa el Gamahiria) ensuring the accessibility of culture to all society levels with the right language.


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Cultural Houses (Qossour el Saqafa el Gamahiria)
Cultural Palaces are Cultural spots principally created with a new vision for the dissemination of culture education in the villages, communities and the small municipalities with limited corporate powers. These spots are of big importance in the rural areas where the families cannot reach a decent culture source due to poverty, lack of communication with big cities around and lack of transportation means. In parallel, those palaces use to play a strategic role in the promotion of sustainable development through audiovisual communication and other cultural services.

Regular creative workshops are taking place within the existing local centers with the objective of training young professionals in business management. These efforts are geared towards the development of a competitive indigenous-led creative micro-industry.

Project of the CDF 100 libraries (Maktabat al Qora)
This project was launched with the aim of fighting the lack of communication between the citizens of villages and rural areas to perform physically the demanding tasks of communities.

Arab school of cinema and television through internet (Sabil Qayetbay)
The development of technology that is under way in the field of culture allows considerable changes to take place in the creation, production, distribution and dissemination of cultural content. The Arab school of cinema and television offers through a precious tool -the internet- disseminate a large curriculum in cinema and television for arabic speaking people worldwide.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
A center of excellence in the production and diffusion of knowledge and considered as one of the most important spot that disseminate Culture, according to latest technologies. It is a place for exchange between cultures and people. The Bibliotheca Alexandria seeks to recapture the spirit of the original ancient Library of Alexandria. It aspires to be:
• The world’s window on Egypt.
• Egypt’s window on the world.
• A leading institution of the digital age.
• A center for learning. 

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