Access to a Diversity of Cultural Expressions through Initiatives Focused on Special Groups - The Germain Minority

Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Danish Ministry of Culture provides several opportunities for the German minority (approximately 12-15,000 people) to engage in the production of German-language programs for public radio and television. The ministry provides yearly subsidies of DKK 250,000 to the newspaper of the German minority, Der Nordschleswiger, for production and purchasing of broadcasting time for news in German via the South Jutland local Radio station Radio Mojn. The objective of this subsidy is to enable the German minority to produce and broadcast news in German in South Jutland. The German minority has reported that the scheme is a success. Furthermore, the German minority may obtain licenses to operate their own local radio and television stations. 

Furthermorethe Danish Broadcasting Cooperation DR is obliged to report about the German minority as a part of DR's general public service obligation to offer a wide coverage of society in Denmark and reflect the diversity of culture, philosophies of life and conditions of life in different parts of the kingdom. DR regularly informs the ministry of the reporting about the German minority. The actual reporting about the German minority happens primarily in the news and current affairs programs on regional radio "P4 Radio Syd". DR every year organizes a meeting about minority themes with representatives from the German and Danish minorities as well as representatives from the minority newspapers.