Access to a Diversity of Cultural Expressions through Public Service Media

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Due to the societal significance of the mass media for the development of Danish culture and political debate in Denmark, regulation of radio and television activity is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture. Media policy is thus regarded as an integral part of Danish cultural policy. Public service is a cornerstone in Danish media regulation and by law it provides a versatile and balanced range of programmes and services for all sections of the population. Public service activity in Denmark is to ensure that the Danish population has a wide choice of programmes and services via television, radio, the internet or the like. Public service activity is performed by different actors such as DR, TV 2/DANMARKA/S, the regional TV 2 stations and Radio 2417.

DR- as example -the biggest provider of public service in Denmark
DR is the biggest provider of public service in the Danish media market. DR is organised as an independent public institution that is fully licence-financed. DR is in its public service remit obliged to ensure a wide offer of programs and services to the population via TV, radio, internet, and other relevant platforms. DR's offer must consist of news coverage, information through education and learning, art, and entertainment. In its public service offer DR must aim at quality, versatility, and diversity. In the programming an essential emphasis must be placed on securing the freedom of speech and information. In the dissemination of information, a great importance must be attached to objectivity and impartiality.

Característica principal de la medida:

In the cultural field, DR has to:
• Place a special emphasis on its role as initiator and communicator of Danish art
and culture and the Danish cultural heritage
• Enrich the cultural life in Denmark with original contents
• Place a special emphasis on the Danish language and actively contribute to preserving and developing the Danish language so the listeners, viewers, and
users experience accurate and intelligible Danish in the programming of DR.

DR also has an obligation to offer a broad coverage of the Danish society as well as of the Greenlandic and Faeroese societies and reflect the diversity of culture, philosophies
of life and living conditions in the different parts of the Danish Realm.

On Tv, cultural contents is a constituent element in a number of regular programs on the main channel of DR, DR 1, for instance in the News and in the daily journalistic current events program, "Aftenshowet". The downright culture programs are primarily broadcast on DR's specialized channels, DR 2 and DR K, who, by having different approaches to culture, both give an insight into culture and create debate about art and culture. On the radio, DR's portfolio ofFM and digital radio channels ensure a wide communication of culture and music contents within all genres: classical, jazz, modern rhythmical music etc. In 2011 DR has been focusing its radio portfolio on ten channels, and in that relation the journalistic communication of culture and music has been prioritized. In the musical field, DR is also very involved through its ensembles in the creation and promotion of music. DR's ensembles consist of: DR SymfoniOrkestret, DR UnderholdningsOrkestret, DR Big Bandet, DR Koncertkoret, DR VokalEnsemblet, and DR PigeKoret. Besides, DR offers a number of activities in the musical field that are especially directed at children and young people.

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