Access to a Diversity of Cultural Expressions through Free Entrance or Discounts on Tickets

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In general, public support for culture is also aimed at offering cultural events that are affordable (and is complemented by e.g. general discounts on ticket prices for students and pensioners).

The following measures can serve as an illustration: Concerning access to concerts: Public funding to regional symphony orchestras, financial support to regional concert venues, and to concerts aimed at new audiences (in primary schools, lifelong learning institutions etc.). As regards theatres, in addition to public funding of theatres, the" Ticket Subsidy Scheme" (billetkebsordningen) subsidises the prices of tickets.

The Danish Film Institute provides support to film activities, including activities to promote film literacy, aimed at children and young people. With regard to sport events, considerable public funding to the voluntary sports sector not only promotes broad participation in sporting activities but also contributes to promoting access to sport events.

While access to cultural heritage is not a new priority, the Danish Government's national plan from 2006 was implemented to enhance access to and knowledge of
cultural heritage. The plan involves free access to the main national museums (art and history) and free access for children and youths under 18 to all state subsidised museums. Included are also a number of other new initiatives to strengthen the presentation of cultural heritage; both to traditional users of museums and to new audiences.

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