Some Basic Facts to Complete the Quadrennial Periodic Report

None. The online form is entirely based on the Framework and the Operational Guidelines for Article 9 of the Convention; the online form is simply a submission tool designed to (i) facilitate the compilation of the reports and their distribution to the public online, (ii) harmonize their presentation and (iii) streamline their examination with a view to producing the strategic analytical summary for the Intergovernmental Committee.
No. The purpose of the Periodic Reports is to facilitate the sharing of information, not to draw comparisons. As of 2015, the Secretariat will publish, on a biennial basis, a Global Report on the implementation of the Convention, based on the analysis of the quadrennial periodic reports and other sources. This Global Report (first edition in December 2015, second edition in December 2017) presents trends, challenges and solutions as identified in the Parties’ Reports as well as innovative examples of policies and measures to promote the diversity of cultural expressions at the national and global levels. These innovative examples can serve to inspire policy making around the world and are available at this page.
In this section, Parties report on the emerging transversal issue(s) identified by the governing bodies of the Convention for each reporting cycle. A resolution of the Conference of Parties determines the transversal issue(s) to be reported on for each four-year reporting cycle. At its fifth ordinary session (July 2015), the Conference of Parties (Res. 5CP 9b) decided that “Parties may select freely the themes relevant to the Convention that they want to address in transversal issues during the 2016-2019 cycle”, and invited Parties “to pay particular attention to issues identified in prior resolutions and decisions in relation to periodic reporting such as digital issues and public service broadcasting”.
Only the executive summaries will be translated by the Secretariat into English or French. The entire reports and all their Annexes will be made public via the 2005 Convention website after their deliberation by the Intergovernmental Committee each year The reports are available for consultation on this page.
Yes. The Global Report will draw from the quadrennial periodic reports and various annexes submitted by the Parties, as well as other sources.
We highly recommend that you use the on-line form so that you do not need to worry about the length of the pages. You just need to follow the word count limits indicated in the form (3500 characters for “Executive Summary” and “Overview of cultural policy context”, 2100 characters for all the other sections). This would facilitate your drafting process.
Please note that the on-line form has a word count to help you keep track of the number of words (3500 characters for “Executive Summary” and “Overview of cultural policy context”, 2100 characters for all the other sections).
No. The Periodic Reports are envisioned by the Governing Bodies of the Convention as practical working documents, presenting results, challenges and lessons learned on the implementation of the Convention. The debate on the Operational Guidelines on Information Sharing and Transparency held during the 4th session of the Intergovernmental Committee in December 2010 recognized that not all Parties would be able to answer all questions at the same level of detail. From this perspective, each Party is to complete its Periodic Report using the submission Forms to the best of its ability.


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