Periodic Report Jordan 2020

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Executive summary

The Ministry of Culture, since its inception, has played a pioneering role in fostering cultural and creative endeavors in Jordan. It has contributed to raising the magnitude of cultural activities in Jordan by annually hosting and implanting various programmes and activities, particularly ones related to cultural diversity. It can be said that all the programmes, events, and activities hosted or supported by the Ministry aim one or another to further the cause of protecting, conserving, and promoting cultural diversity, for diversity is one of the pillars upon which the Ministry was founded, and an integral part of cultural activity in general. Many governmental institutions and NGOs, including societies and committees, have contributed to the drafting of the report by providing the Ministry with the data and information that are vital, supplying the report with the most prominent achievements in the cultural sphere and the promotion cultural diversity in particular. Of the most notable programmes and achievements performed annually by the Ministry, we mention:

1. Cultural programs for the public such as The Jordanian Family Library, Cities of Culture, The Mobile Children's Library, The Mobile Theatrical Lab, and cultural centers.

2. Programmes furthering communities' and cultural interaction, the rejection of extremism, and the promotion of tolerance and diversity.

3. Festival, conferences, forums, and seminars planned by the Ministry.

4. Participating in Cultural Weeks in neighboring and friendly countries.

5. Participating in international book fairs, and artistic and cultural conferences and forums.

6. Drafting and planning cultural agreements and executive programmes.

7. Holding theatrical performances and art exhibitions.

8. Publishing programmes.

9. Cultural committees and societies.

10. Cultural diversity and world heritage.