Periodic Report Armenia

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Executive summary

The preparation of this Report included the phases of organising and monitoring surveys, studying policies, collecting data, conducting analyses and forming conclusions.
This Report is a comprehensive study on the legal, social-economic, political and institutional opportunities for ensuring cultural diversity in the Republic of Armenia. The Report analyses state policies, measures and civil society developments, which contribute to the cultural expression of the individual, social group or community, as well as their realisation of the role of culture for the perception of diversity.

In cultural policies aimed at the implementation of the Convention, the Republic of Armenia has enshrined the protection, development and dissemination of modern art and cultural heritage of the Armenian and other nations by applying designated strategies for ensuring cultural diversity, such as the synthesis of formal and informal education about culture,, implementation of language policies ensuring language diversity, support to the culture of national minorities, active and balanced international cooperation based on cultural dialogue, ensuring availability, access to and mobility of cultural products and services, designated support to those who create and disseminate cultural products.
For the realisation of the aforementioned strategies, within its competencies, sub structures and financial capabilities, the State has implemented actions, programmes, measures, acting as an equal partner to those who create, disseminate and consume culture.

The Report describes examples of activities, measures and programmes, numerical and content analyses, which help ensure cultural diversity.
As a result of the work done during the reporting period, the achievements and challenges of the state policy have been identified in the Report, providing the opportunity for revision of the development policies through the adoption of new principles and approaches.