Periodic Report Norway

Executive summary

Initially, we would like to offer a few general remarks.

We find the questionnaire to be problematic in the sense that it is based on the assumption that cultural policies are being implemented following the ratification of this Convention. 

For Norway, and probably also a number of other countries, this is not the case. Most of the measures described in this report have been in effect for several years, even decades. In this respect, the Convention is more of a confirmation of important aspects of Norwegian cultural policy.  

While the approach of the report is more directed towards cultural industries, the Convention also addresses cultural policy issues.

The overarching goals of Norwegian cultural policies are to provide a framework in which everyone can access a diversity of cultural expressions of high artistic quality, and to safeguard the material and immaterial cultural heritage as a source of insight, identity and experiences. Cultural policies should provide good conditions for creating, disseminating and experiencing creative arts. It is especially important that children and young people are able to access arts and culture.

Article 100, sixth paragraph of the Norwegian Constitution states that “It is the responsibility of the authorities of the State to create conditions that facilitate open and enlightened public discourse”. It follows that the main objective for Norwegian media policy is to maintain diversity in media in order to ensure citizens’ access to a diversified societal debate, news and information of high editorial standards and a wide range of cultural expressions of high artistic value. Ensuring editorial independence and a diversified media ownership are also key objectives.

Norway is strongly committed to cooperate with other countries in order to use the Convention as a political tool to promote the importance of culture and the arts at both a European and a global level.

Please note that the USD exchange rate used is the most recent one provided on the Convention's website.