Periodic Report Monaco

Executive summary

The protection and enhancement of cultural heritage is a major challenge for a small country like Monaco. In order to promote cultural expression in all its forms and encourage access to culture, the Government of Monaco pursues a policy that supports creativity, increasing cultural audiences, and raising the awareness of youth to culture, art and sustainable development. In addition, Monaco endeavours, through international cooperation, to promote and protect the archaeological and cultural heritage of many partner countries.

In particular, the Government provides support to creativity through prize-giving events that reward artists in the literary, musical and contemporary art domains, and international cultural exchanges, and most notably in the field of dance with the Monaco Dance Forum, which has become an international event.

The State provides ongoing support to Monegasque cultural associations and groups, including the gracious provision, "in working order," of some Theatres and Halls of the Principality, allowing them to diversify their repertoire and acquire a new public. Some associations also receive an annual operating grant.

The Government of Monaco pays special attention to the involvement in the cultural policy of artists of the Principality. A better knowledge of these artists by the general public encourages this integration. Thus, a Directory of Monaco Artists was created in 2006.

The main thrusts of the policy of the Government of Monaco to promote the dissemination of culture in all its forms are articulated around three main areas: providing quality programming for the ballets, opera, classical music and theatre; increasing audience attendance, and ensuring appropriate management of cultural facilities.

In addition, students of the Principality are introduced to culture and art from an early age through school activities, Monegasque cultural associations and the Government.  

The Principality also offers quality events, free and accessible to all, such as the European Heritage Day.

In the realm of international cooperation, the Principality entertains friendly relations and cultural partnerships with various countries such as Mongolia (Mongolian cultural heritage protection and training for the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property), Croatia (archaeological excavations), and Algeria (study of archaeological heritage).

The Government of Monaco's policy in favour of sustainable development includes a cultural dimension, legitimized through commitment and mobilization of its entities and the entire Monegasque Community. Consideration of culture as a factor of sustainable development contributes to the promotion and sustainability of actions to promote awareness among the public, especially future generations. As such, an Environmental Education policy was established to enrich formal education for sustainable development programmes through complementary pedagogical actions.

From an early age, topics such as biodiversity, climate change and disaster prevention are integrated into the education programme for sustainable development in Monaco. This programme is implemented through activities and educational and cultural projects with the support of local resources, and is integrated into institutional projects. Thus, the common base of knowledge includes awareness of the impact of activities on the environment.