Periodic Report Argentina

Executive summary

In describing the cultural policies and measures adopted to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions, we have taken into consideration and prioritized the Convention's guidelines.

The policies and measures included in the report bear witness to the large universe of activities developed in our country, at the national, provincial and local levels, and provide an overview of the importance attached by our country to the diversity of cultural expressions.

The national public policies in place focus on cultural diversity, generate spaces for contributions to local economy development, protect the rights of migrants, indigenous peoples and vulnerable groups, provide skills and trades training and include new technologies as a means to universalize access and participation for all.

For our country, the diversity of cultural expressions guarantees access to equal opportunities for all. In this sense, some of the policies mentioned in the report incorporate new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and integrate them to the field of culture through the creation, production and dissemination of audiovisual media.

In synch with the main objectives of the Convention: “to reaffirm the importance of the link between culture and development for all countries, particularly for developing countries, and to support actions undertaken nationally and internationally to secure recognition of the true value of this link”; our country prioritizes the position of the cultural industry sector, the boosting of regional economies, and the training, teaching and rescue of skills and trades.

To “strengthen international cooperation and solidarity in a spirit of partnership with a view, in particular, to enhancing the capacities of developing countries in order to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions”, the different national government agencies permanently conduct exchange programs with the other countries in the region, to facilitate access and exchange for craftsmen, artists and small entrepreneurs and to strengthen new information systems that contribute to the development of economies and promotion of the diversity of expressions.

Finally, special emphasis must be given to the transversal nature of policies. Many of the actions described below are carried out jointly by different ministries, evidencing the country's consistency in the implementation of public policies.