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Explanatory note:
Pending preselection = The National Commission did not perform/finalize the pre-selection procedure online. For more information about the selection procedure please click here.
U40 empowered: Selection process includes technical assessment by the 2005 Convention Secretariat (eligibility), evaluation by IFCD Panel of Experts (Evaluation) and final approval by Sabrina Ho (Recommendation).
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ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Status Score Amount recommended in US$
2019-2035 Creatopia: Development of the creative and cultural industries ecosystem in Yucatán Yucatecan Institute of Entrepreneurs - Instituto Yucateco de Emprendedores México Party 81812.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2049 Youth Empowerment through Provision of professional and technical services as Cultural diversity project. Wun Anei Development Association Agency-WADA-SS Sudán del Sur NGO 99950.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2076 Theatre: an open place for domestic workers La Casa del Teatro, A.C México NGO 48480.00USD Non Recommended 21
2019-2081 Promoting Cultural Expressions in Nigeria through Education and Writing. Organization of Christian Writers Nigeria NGO 100000.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2088 projet de formation et de renforcement de capacité à art de la marionnette en cote d'ivoire Ivoire marionnettes Côte d'Ivoire NGO 99200.00USD Non Recommended 24
2019-2094 "Mali Fôli" Projet de Recherche, redynamisation, transmission et démocratisation de la musique traditionnelle populaire au Mali. ADECA-MALI Malí NGO 100000.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2098 Cultural Activity & Seminars on National Integration Janak Raj India INGO 100000.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2101 Bâtir une industrie des arts du spectacle durable en Mauritanie. Réseau National pour le développement culturel Mauritania NGO 100000.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2116 Indegenous languages writing Project by Yong Artists in Rurals Drumstone Arts Sudáfrica NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2122 Restoring and Promoting Orao and Santal Ethnic Culture in Thakurgaon in Bangladesh Dr. Md. Shahid Uz Zaman Bangladesh NGO 99669.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2123 متحف الحياة الشعبية في الشفا ملتقى الشفا الثقافي Jordania NGO 72000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2127 Promotion and protection of cultural heritage The Development and Humanitarian Aid Foundation (ENSAN Aid) Egipto NGO 89301.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2129 Digital Platform of Indonesian Contemporary Performing Arts Knowledge Yayasan Kelola Indonesia NGO 99975.00USD Non Recommended 26.5
2019-2132 Promoting gender equality in Enshi Tujia Autonomous Prefecture through traditional handicraft Tujia Brocade Liu Wei China Party 14500.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2137 Colours of Diversity Altin Hazizaj Albania NGO 97660.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2138 Publishing the magazine ''Alia Mundi'' for cultural diversity Association ''Alia Mundi'' for promoting cultural diversity Serbia NGO 5000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2140 "Acholi Paco Ribe-Aye-Teko" Poverty Eradication & Peace Consolidation Engineering Project (APRAT PEPCEP). David Livingstone AMONE Uganda NGO 99907.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2149 Projet d'artisanat pour un écoresponsable à travers les écoles primaires. LA FAMILLES JE VOUS AIMES Francia INGO 80000.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2152 Art project to promote the involvement of elderly Syrians in Jordanian society The Jordanian association for Contemporary Art Jordania NGO 50000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2154 Position International Arts Review Position International Arts Review Nigeria Party 98700.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2158 Amv Jibs & Bogl Nyogl: Activate creativity of Dong ethnic cloth handcrafts through community-based design and innovative business tools Shanghai Mana Data Foundation China NGO 57031.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2163 Building Capacity of Urban Refugee Youth in the Creation, Production and Dissemination of Audio-Visual Cultural Products Makerere University Uganda Party 99994.00USD Non Recommended 20
2019-2165 Valorisation des ressources numériques scientifiques burundaises via la création d’une « Bibliothèque Electronique Scientifique Burundaise » BESB en sigle Université Polytechnique de Gitega (UPG) Burundi NGO 89735.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2167 Cool Expressions + Cool Heritage = COOLNESS Danube 1245 Serbia NGO 95394.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2168 LOBIKO, Projet Soutien aux Jeunes Céramistes Créateurs du Congo (PSJ3C) MANUFACTURE D'ARTS ET D'ARTISANAT CONGOLAIS Congo Party 99980.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2180 Towards development of an E-based Creative Economy in Malawi: Capacity Building for Arts Associations operating in Malawi Copyright Society of Malawi Malawi Party 54117.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2181 Empowering Turkey's Local Cultural Professionals Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) Turquía NGO 100000.00USD Approved 33 92000.00USD
2019-2184 VILLAGE ARTISANAL D'ABALAK ONG takroust nakal Níger NGO 100000.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2185 RENFORCER LES CAPACITÉS DES ARTISTES DES ARTS DE LA PAROLE DE LA R.D.C Compagnie Tam - Tam República Democrática del Congo NGO 100.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2189 Mieux formés pour mieux montrer Meilleur Avenir Possible República Democrática del Congo NGO 98375.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2192 Entrepreneurial development for creative businesses in Cali, Colombia UNIVERSIDAD ICESI Colombia NGO 99320.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2194 Developing a business model and artisan skills for the marketing and distribution of cultural goods from Turkana in marginalized Northern Kenya Content House Education Trust Kenya NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2197 Empowerment of women in the Northern Badia. Al Badia life Center for Development and Training Jordania NGO 20.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2198 Programme MUSIC PRO, pour la formation, la professionnalisation des métiers de la musique et la diffusion EAC L'boulvart Marruecos NGO 95570.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2200 Producing 4 plays of women for women and a tour of performances in the governorates in Gaza Strip watan center for culture & arts Palestina NGO 97830.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2203 Digitization of the collective management process Ghana Music Rights Organization Ghana INGO 99950.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2205 A CULTURAL EXCHANGE- PROGRAM FOR DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKERS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA Ankara Cinema associiation Turquía NGO 100000.00USD Non Recommended 17.5
2019-2223 cultural and artistic expression Horan forum for culture and arts Jordania NGO 85497.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2231 young is my responsibility support youngs Iraq Party 63.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2236 « TUKINGE MILA ZETU KWA MAENDELEO YA KIVU» ; Appui à la promotion et la protection des diversités socioculturelles au Sud-Kivu, RD Congo. Centre National d'Appui au Développement et à la participation Populaire República Democrática del Congo NGO 98410.00USD Non Eligible 0
2019-2250 Let's complete the missing pieces in global cultural diversity puzzle together. Governorship of Malatya, European Union and Foreign Affairs Office Turquía Party 92145.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2256 Matatiele Museum Development and Rehabilitation Matatiele Local Municipality Sudáfrica Party 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2261 Kalabars Liz Kilili Kenya NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2264 Centre de formation cinématographique, audiovisuel et nouveaux médias dans le complexe cinématographique en zone rurale. Association Espoir Tiznit Marruecos NGO 97175.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2268 TG-CREATIVE : Professionnalisation du secteur des arts numériques au Togo ASSOCIATION HEINRICH KLOSE Togo NGO 95100.00USD Non Preselected 0
2019-2269 Academy of Iraqi Mobile Arts \ Mosul Basra Baghdad\ Anas abdul smad Iraq NGO 100000.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2271 Supporting/promoting social inclusion and employment in Cambodia through the development & implementation of a music curriculum for the Performing Arts School Phare Ponleu Selpak Camboya NGO 99665.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2019-2276 REVENUE STREAMS FOR AFRICAN MUSICIANS (PILOT IN SOUTH AFRICA) Music In Africa Foundation Sudáfrica NGO 100000.00USD Approved 34.5 92000.00USD