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Explanatory note:
Pending preselection = The National Commission did not perform/finalize the pre-selection procedure online. For more information about the selection procedure please click here.
U40 empowered: Selection process includes technical assessment by the 2005 Convention Secretariat (eligibility), evaluation by IFCD Panel of Experts (Evaluation) and final approval by Sabrina Ho (Recommendation).
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Applied to ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Submission status Score
International Fund for Cultural Diversity 2018-747 "JEUNES EN CHOEUR" Les Voix du Choeur de Rabat Marruecos NGO 98280.00USD 0
International Fund for Cultural Diversity 2018-1219 Dynamiser les arts du spectacle à Libreville par le renforcement des capacités et l’autonomisation des jeunes artistes Fédération Culturelle et Artistique SAMBA Gabón NGO 82938.00USD 0
International Fund for Cultural Diversity 2018-1328 Fostering cultural entrepreneurship through access to Regional & International markets Guyana Business Cooperative Society Guyana NGO 96850.00USD 0
International Fund for Cultural Diversity 2018-1119 Photographic and BioCultural Atlas of the Yucatan Peninsula Ocelote Artes y Sostenibilidad A.C. México NGO 99980.00USD 0