Launch of the Plan for the Recovery of Cultural Industries and the Arts in Peru to 2030

 On Monday 4 April 2022, the Ministry of Culture of Peru and UNESCO will launch the National Plan for the Recovery of Cultural Industries and the Arts to 2030.


In direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, this plan aims to reactivate the arts and culture sectors in Peru. Established through diverse and inclusive consultations, Peru’s Ministry of Culture reached all 24 regions of the country offering 57 spaces of dialogue, and including over 1,200 cultural workers in the development of the national plan. Sessions were conducted in three of Peru’s native languages (Quechua, Yánesha and Aimara) as well as in sign language.

The needs and concerns raised by participants were then classified under eight main issues, which became the basis for determining the objectives, activities and tasks of the national plan. The national plan also takes into account the challenges identified in the Quadrennial Periodic Report 2016 - 2019 monitoring the implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in Peru. The plan prioritizes strategies to empower local government, as well as to improve the working conditions of artists, promote training in cultural management, the use of public spaces, the generation of employment and the strengthening of artistic training.  It also promotes the participation of indigenous peoples, Afro-Peruvian population, people with disabilities and the LGTBIQ+ community.


The launch ceremony will be attended by the Minister of Culture, Mr. Alejandro Salas; the Vice-Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries, Ms.Sonaly Tuesta and the Ambassador of Sweden in Peru, Ms.Maria Cramér. Mr. Ernesto Ottone, Assistant Director General for Culture at UNESCO will deliver a message online. Finally, representatives of the various cultural groups who participated in the design of the national plan will be invited.


This event is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, within the framework of the project " ReIshaping cultural policies for the promotion of fundamental freedoms and the diversity of cultural expressions"


The event will be streamed live on the facebook page of the National Office of UNESCO in Peru.