Nationality: Gabón
UN Working Languages:

Ms Danielle Lyse Itoumba Mbeng is the communication manager of the Support Programme for the Strengthening of Cultural and Creative Industries (PSIRCC) in Gabon. In 2011, after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in art, with a minor in drama, she passed the entrance examination to the Ecole normale supérieure du Gabon (ENS) where she passed her secondary education teacher certificate (CAPC) after two years of training. As an actress, she is a member of Dominique Douma’s “Renaissants” theater troupe, and she has performed several roles in theater festivals in Gabon (Coup de théâtre, FITHEGA, FESTALIB, etc.). Two years ago, she set up her educational programme in collaboration with associations of parents of high school and college students in Libreville entitled “The TheaFE” which means “theater at the service of the family unit”. She leads theater workshops on writing and acting at the Institut français du Gabon. She teaches writing and dramatic performance at the National School of Arts and Manufacture (ENAM), and give public speaking lessons at the Ecole Supérieure de la Mer in Gabon.