Nationality: Gabón
UN Working Languages:

Mr. Romyale Etsellah is an agent at the General Directorate of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Gabon since 2016. He joined the Ministry in 2012 and previously worked at the Provincial Department of Culture and Arts of Ogooué-Ivindo. In 2017, he participated in a project related to the revision of Law 2/94 of 23/12/1994 on the protection of cultural property in the Gabonese Republic. In 2019, he participated in a project related to the drafting of the Quadrennial Periodic Report on the implementation by Gabon of the UNESCO 2005 Convention and, since 2020, he has been participating in the Support programme for the strengthening of cultural and creative industries of Gabon (PSRICC-Gabon). Mr. Etsellah holds a DEUG II, a BA and an MA in anthropology, specialized in heritage, from the Department of Anthropology of Omar Bongo University.