Strengthening international cooperation and partnership in protection and promotion of art, culture and diversity of cultural expressions.

Ministry of Culture
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The relationship with TRADUKI, as one of the active and influential networks of European literature, was institutionalized on 23.01.2014, through the signing of the framework agreement by the Minister of Culture and Director of TRADUKI Ms. Antje Contius. Thus, the cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the "TRADUKI" network has continued over the years. After the Center was created, it has followed and continued communication with members of this network and has participated in two meetings (online conference), during this year. The cooperation has been fruitful and a number of projects as translations, literary residences, participation in fairs, etc. have been discussed.
In addition the Ministry of Culture has concluded many agreements in various fields of arts and heritage. For 2020, 3 agreements have been signed with Kosovo, such as: 1. Joint Cultural Calendar Annual Albania-Kosovo, for the year 2020.
2. Film Co-production Agreement between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania.
3. Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo for cooperation in the field of books and publishing.
An agreement has also been signed between the Ministry of Culture and the European Union for the revitalization of cultural heritage in Albania.
There are 16 agreements in process between the Ministry of Culture or subordinate institutions and Ministries and counterpart institutions in: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Iran, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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An enhanced intercultural cooperation and recognition of Albanian culture in the outside world as well as other cultures in Albania.

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