Reading Promotion Programme

Objetivos clave de la medida:

The goal of this Programme is increase the number of citizens who read regularly in order to
develop personalities that are creative, critically thinking, and active members of society. The
Prograrnme encourages people of different ages and social groups to engage in reading by
improving their reading skilIs and raising the prestige of reading. The Reading Promotion 
Programme officially ended in 2011 but some of its activities, which have become traditional
events in Lithuania, will be continued (for example, the 'Book of the Year' competition).
Reading is being promoted through the following activities:
• Prize for teachers for promoting children literature and reading. This prize is given to one
teacher each year;
• 'Book of the Year' competition. This competition is one of the most popular activities of
the Programme and has become an important annual culturai event in Lithuania. Books
are usually nominated in three categories (children, teenagers and adult literature) and the
best book is chosen by the public;
• Reading promotion web site;
• Meetings with authors;
• Readings in unconventional spaces;
• Initiatives to encourage children to read during the surnmer;
• The year 2008 was announced as the Year of Reading in Lithuania.
The Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education are both responsible for implementing the
Reading Promotion Programme.

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