Radio Education

Radio Education, National Service of Cultural Communication
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Radio Education is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Culture, whose substantive work consists of promoting and disseminating the educational, cultural and artistic expressions of Mexico through the radio.
In the last four decades, Radio Educacion has been a leading generation radio institution, offering innovative proposals in radio programming and formats, as well as in the promotion of various cultural initiatives.
Radio Education, National Service of Cultural Communication, institution of the Ministry of Culture , currently coordinates three radio stations on the air: Signal 1060 AM , in Mexico City; Kukulkan signal at 107.9 FM in Merida, Yucatan; Culture Mexico International Signal , 6185 kilohertz of Onda Corta; 96.5 FM Signal in Mexico City, plus an HD station, in the IBOC standard, which is the 96.5.1 FM Signal, for digital radios; They have also been awarded the Sonora Culture Signal , on FM 104.1, in Hermosillo and the Michoacan Culture Signal, at 95.3 FM, in Morelia, which will begin transmitting in 2019. It also transmits, through the Satellite Signal on EDUSAT Channel 2 ; on the On Demand signal : ; and in a Virtual Digital Signal.
Recently, Radio Education established collaboration agreements with community radio stations, thereby confirming its vocation to serve and support local radio stations that are currently recognized by law under the figure of social use concessions, and in this way, seeks to ensure a greater access to culture, as well as support community radio stations to expand their program offer.

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