Promotion and participation in festivals and markets

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In the field of cinema and audiovisual, international cooperation is primarily achieved through support granted by different entities to promotion and participation in festivals and markets, together with support for distribution in Portugal of non-national works from less well-known national cinemas. Portugal, via ICA, also participates in various international programmes and initiatives including the Media programme, Eurimages, European Film Promotion, CACI – Ibero-American Conference of Film Authorities (Ibermedia and OIA). In a somewhat differentiated field of activity, RTP guarantees broadcasting to Portuguese-speaking African countries. These broadcasts are also transmitted to African communities resident in Portugal. RTP also maintains regular broadcasts of Portuguese language programming to Portuguese communities living abroad. It also organises the “Talent Prizes” competition, which aims to disseminate and support new cultural, artistic and social talent amongst Portuguese communities and Portuguese-descendents scattered around the world., Via protocols and partnerships signed with the CPLP countries, RTP has regularly used radio and TV programmes in order to disseminate works by authors from Official Portuguese-speaking African countries. RTP has also broadcast events such as the Lusophony Games and the International Documentaries Competition, DOCTV. Within its radio and TV programming, specifically, that of RTP Africa and RDP Africa, the broadcaster regularly provides space for content produced by creative sectors (e.g. Radio and TV) from the cultural industries within Official Portuguese-speaking African countries and cooperates with the international organisations/associations of which it is a member, specifically the UER/EBU- European Broadcasting Union, PBI- Public Broadcasters International, OTI- Organization of Ibero-american TV Stations, URTI – International Radio and Television Union, amongst others.

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