Palestine Cinema Days - 2017, 2018 and 2019

Filmlab: Palestine (FLP)
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Palestine Cinema Days 2019 hosted for the 3rd year in a row, the cutting-edge industry platform Palestine Film Meetings (PFM). Founded in 2017, PFM brings together key industry professionals from Palestine and abroad, creating a creative, open space to think and discuss film, to pitch and develop projects, and to network. By empowering Palestinian filmmakers, producers and professionals, FLP can help create change, fostering the cultural landscape of Palestine. By telling its stories, cinema can change the status quo. In 2019, Ramallah DOC took place in the framework of PFM where Palestinian filmmakers have an opportunity to pitch their documentaries to producers and international TV program managers. Explored and prepared during the symposium that took place end of March 2019 in Ramallah with professional filmmakers and film experts, Ramallah DOC is taking a bigger role in providing knowledge, expertise and tools to the Palestinian filmmakers. In order to prominently place Palestinian filmmaking within the festival, FLP will continue granting the Sunbird Awards: four competitions show casing the finest new Palestinian short and documentary films as well as promising short film projects and a development award to a feature film. Key objectives: 1. Offering unique film programs, screening newly released international feature-length films, documentaries and short films in addition to a kids and family film program during the festival. 2. Encouraging a collective public experience of viewing and discussing film with film crew members; directors, producers, main actors. 3. Reviving specialized cinema theaters and venues 4. Reaching diverse audiences through inclusive programs 5. Contributing to breaking the siege between East Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza through building a national cinema culture 6. Improving film literacy of kids and youth in Palestine through a dedicated program and activities called “Next Generation” 7. Increasing and reviving the awareness for culture, the importance of storytelling in Palestine 8. Connecting Palestinian and international film professionals through PFM. 9. Targeting the professional needs of the local film industry with educational talks, sessions and master-classes led by renowned professionals 10. Shedding light on gender- based violence, sexual harassment and the imaging of women in cross cultures and cinema through the No Means No program (is an initiative taking place at film and media festivals across the world seeking to raise awareness and bring about change that positively affects survivors of gender-based violence.)
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
1. The celebration of the world cinema 2. Deepening the appreciation of film culture 3. Establishing and fostering a local film industry in Palestine 4. Bringing home national and international award-winning productions to the Palestinian audience 5. Attracting renowned international industry players and creative to convene within the PFM 6. Creating an open and inspiring environment to nourish creativity and innovation in order to encourage contacts and collaborations between local and international film professionals.