Optimization of international cooperation

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Accession of the Ministry of Culture to various international associations in the field of culture in the last 4 years (Biennale of the Youth of Europe and the Mediterranean, Forum of Slovene Cultures, “Ana Lind“ Foundation) opened more opportunities for participation of Montenegrin artists in multilateral international projects.

Apart for supporting of individual participation of referent Montenegrin creators and experts in culture in international projects, special attention was placed on organized and continuous participation of the representatives of Montenegrin culture and arts in the most referent international manifestations and festivals, such as Biennale of Arts in Venice; Film Festival in Cannes; Book Fair in Frankfurt; Film Festival of South East Europe in Paris.

During 2011 the Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage of South East Europe was implemented by establishing of the office of the Council of Europe Secretariat for Component B in the Royal Capital of Montenegro - Cetinje. The Festival of Nature and Culture was held within the Component C, and Montenegro, as a partner, joined the realization of 2 cross-border IPA projects (Cultema and CHAIRPLAN).

Operational action plan for optimization of international cooperation, both with regard to promotion of cultural diversity and valorization of cultural heritage, is a part of a broader action plan passed annually for the purpose of implementation of the National Programme for the Development of Culture of Montenegro 2011 – 2015.

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