Integrating inclusion and cultural diversity aspects in the Ministry’s dialogue with funded agencies

Publicly funded arts and cultural institutions
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In December 2011, the Government presented a White Paper to the Parliament on culture, inclusion and participation, building on and further developing the perspectives explored by the Year of Cultural Diversity 2008 and the Resource Group on Cultural Diversity. One of the key measures in the White Paper is to strengthen the Ministry’s dialogue with publicly funded arts and cultural institutions and other relevant players. 

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Not yet implemented, but will be followed up in the budget proposals for 2013.

The White Paper states that the cultural sector should reflect the cultural diversity in society, and that all people should have access to and be able take part in cultural services and activities.

Inclusion and diversity shall be an integrated and visible element of strategy and programme development, human resources policies and audience development efforts in all arts and cultural institutions receiving state funding. All such institutions are to prepare annual reports to the Ministry on their efforts. 

More specifically, the White Paper states that publicly financed cultural institutions shall work systematically with these challenges: Matters relating to inclusion and diversity are to be reflected in the institutions’ long- and short term strategies, programming, organization development, recruitment and audience development. New technology shall be used to reach more and new audience groups, and universal design shall ensure access for all. 

These initiatives should be carried out within the existing budgets of the institutions.

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