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This is an initiative for the cooperation and integration of the Ibero-American countries for the support and coordination of public policies in the areas of museums and museology. Its objectives include the strengthening of the relation between public and private institutions and professionals of the Ibero-American museology sector and the promotion of both the protection and management of holdings and the exchange of acquired experience and knowledge. (www.ibermuseos.org/es)

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National, International
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The Ibermuseos programme was started during the 1st Ibero-American Meeting of Museums in Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, from 26 to 28 June 2007. The 22 states of the Ibero-American community signed the Declaration of the city of Salvador, a basic document regarding the cooperation for the definition and implementation o public policies with respect to museums within the framework of the Ibero-American Cultural Charter and the building of a common cultural space. (http://www.ibermuseus.org/es/programa-ibermuseus-2/)

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