Giving strength and visibility to the economic initiatives and ancestral products of indigenous communities, through local, regional and national mingas, as well a strategy for ICT innovation and development.

Ministry of culture
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The aim of the project with the communities of the CRIC (Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca) is to allow them to strengthen their economic activities within the framework of their life style, taking into account the recognition, protection and restitution of their differentiated collective rights, their cultural identity, ancestral uses and customs, and their traditional production systems, which sometime falls under the conception of Good Living (Buen Vivir).
This idea and practice of some indigenous peoples differs from the traditional paradigm of development and economic growth: what is sought here is a balance with nature in satisfying human needs ("take only what is necessary"), a more dignified way of life, inspired by their traditional values. The economic dimension is seen by indigenous peoples as an integral part of their world view, which is based on a respectful use of the territory, of Mother Earth and of the living spaces and creatures she offers.

Thus, the project has two main objectives. On the one hand, to strengthen the production, commercial, distribution, circulation and enjoyment potential of the cultural products and assets of close to 600 indigenous families in Cauca. On the other hand, the development of three software applications, created by the CRIC's own members: one will allow them to bring the cultural goods produced by the CRIC communities closer to the regional and national demand through a simple e-commerce approach; another will make more accessible the natural and tourism potential of the CRIC territory and traditions; finally, a digital platform will be the home of other applications created by the commnunity.

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Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC)
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
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