Funding Programme for Cinematographic Productions - “Program for the Development of Cyprus Cinema ”

Ministry of Education and Culture
Objetivos clave de la medida:

Through the “Program for the Development of Cyprus Cinema ” the Ministry of Education and Culture finances National, European co-productions, Low budget Feature Films, Short films, Debut films, Documentaries, Animation, Experimental films, as well as the local  distribution and circulation of the Cypriot films in theatres and Film Festival, internationally. The Ministry is equally in charge for the circulation of the cinematographic production to Cyprus Embassies abroad and other European Organizations. 

The Program has been approved by European Commission in 2009 and it is valid until 2015. 

Alcance de la medida:
National, International
Característica principal de la medida:

It has been implemented through the Cinema  Advisory committee. 

The Committee comprises both Government officials and representatives from the private sector i.e., producers, directors and some personalities from the cinema sector appointed directly and namely by the Council of Ministers.  

The  Committee is mandated to recommend for funding to a competent Ministerial Committee the best proposals submitted by Cypriot Producers/ Directors in the categories of feature-length films, Short films and documentaries but also the committee encourages co-productions with other countries. 

The committee is also responsible to study in depth the situation of cinema in Cyprus and make suggestions for the enactment of legislation governing all matters related to cinematography and in general audiovisual works in Cyprus. 

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

US  $1,307,215.00 

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