Development of Folk Culture

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Main objective of this project was to protect and promotion of Folk culture of Bangladesh. Bangla Academy was responsible for the implementation of this project. It was introduced in 2010.
Data and information on folk culture in wide range were collected and preserved from 64 districts in Bangladesh. A seminar was organised in Rajshahi University as part of this program. An international conference on Folklore will be held in 2012-13 according to the project plan. Total budget of this project is 445121 USD.
Through this project diversity of original folk cultural element of different districts of Bangladesh will be recognised and preserved in proper way. At the same time, Folk artists will get recognised by mainstream people that will make possibilities to encourage the folk artists to continue and develop their work in right way. On the other hand after completing this project Government and NGO will get scope to use this survey report as guideline in their development projects.
Lack of sufficient fund and proper knowledgeable persons for survey are the major challenges for this project.

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